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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


Welcome to Class 3F.

Welcome to Year 3 and Newhall Junior School.  We will be sharing our learning and adventures in school on this page throughout the year so please check back regularly.


This term we will be continuing to build upon our learning from the Autumn term within Maths and English.

In English the children will be:-  

  • focusing upon ensuring they fully understand and use spelling patterns and their phonic knowledge and begin to learn some of the expected Year 3 spellings. (see the link on the Year 3 page for the words children should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 3 & 4)
  • build upon their ability to extend sentences using a range of conjunctions such as 'but, because, for, when, which' etc. across the curriculum.
  • Begin to use similes.
  • focus upon learning what fronted adverbials are and begin to use them in their writing.
  • learning how to write a narrative, using William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" as inspiration..
  • continue to develop their reading fluency and begin to build upon their deeper understanding of what they have read.


In Maths, the children will continue to use the Singapore approach to teach Maths which has a proven success rate through the Maths No Problem scheme.  This term we will:-

  • explore length, time and other measures.
  • use our knowledge to solve real life problems.
  • revising their knowledge of multiplication to rapid recall times tables.


In our theme work this half term the children will be learning the following:-

Science - Scientific Investigations.

British Values - Exploring the values of tolerance and individual liberty, through Art.


The children will be provided with a home reading book, weekly spellings and a homework grid from which they can choose their activity to share with the class each week.  


If you are unsure or have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I am on the playground each morning before school.


Thanks Mrs Fisher




A great start to this month with a focus on Science investigations and a visit from Eve to share the experience of the Judaism religion with the children.  The children looked at many artefacts and traditions of the religion during their afternoon with Eve.  On June 27th, we had a fantastic visit to Chatsworth Farm where the children learned all about where their food comes from and met a range of farm animals.

Chatsworth Farm Visit

Chatsworth Farm Visit 1
Chatsworth Farm Visit 2
Chatsworth Farm Visit 3
Chatsworth Farm Visit 4
Chatsworth Farm Visit 5
Chatsworth Farm Visit 6
Chatsworth Farm Visit 7
Chatsworth Farm Visit 8
Chatsworth Farm Visit 9
Chatsworth Farm Visit 10
Chatsworth Farm Visit 11
Chatsworth Farm Visit 12
Chatsworth Farm Visit 13
Chatsworth Farm Visit 14
Chatsworth Farm Visit 15
Chatsworth Farm Visit 16
Chatsworth Farm Visit 17
Chatsworth Farm Visit 18
Chatsworth Farm Visit 19
Chatsworth Farm Visit 20
Chatsworth Farm Visit 21
Chatsworth Farm Visit 22
Chatsworth Farm Visit 23
Chatsworth Farm Visit 24
Chatsworth Farm Visit 25
Chatsworth Farm Visit 26
Chatsworth Farm Visit 27
Chatsworth Farm Visit 28
Chatsworth Farm Visit 29
Chatsworth Farm Visit 30
Chatsworth Farm Visit 31
Chatsworth Farm Visit 32
Chatsworth Farm Visit 33
Chatsworth Farm Visit 34
Chatsworth Farm Visit 35
Chatsworth Farm Visit 36
Chatsworth Farm Visit 37
Chatsworth Farm Visit 38
Chatsworth Farm Visit 39
Chatsworth Farm Visit 40
Chatsworth Farm Visit 41
Chatsworth Farm Visit 42
Chatsworth Farm Visit 43
Chatsworth Farm Visit 44
Chatsworth Farm Visit 45
Chatsworth Farm Visit 46
Chatsworth Farm Visit 47
Chatsworth Farm Visit 48
Chatsworth Farm Visit 49
Chatsworth Farm Visit 50
Chatsworth Farm Visit 51
Chatsworth Farm Visit 52
Chatsworth Farm Visit 53
Chatsworth Farm Visit 54
Chatsworth Farm Visit 55
Chatsworth Farm Visit 56
Chatsworth Farm Visit 57
Chatsworth Farm Visit 58

Synagogue Experience

Synagogue Experience 1
Synagogue Experience 2
Synagogue Experience 3
Synagogue Experience 4
Synagogue Experience 5
Synagogue Experience 6
Synagogue Experience 7
Synagogue Experience 8
Synagogue Experience 9
Synagogue Experience 10
Synagogue Experience 11
Synagogue Experience 12
Synagogue Experience 13
Synagogue Experience 14
Synagogue Experience 15
Synagogue Experience 16
Synagogue Experience 17
Synagogue Experience 18
Synagogue Experience 19
Synagogue Experience 20
Synagogue Experience 21
Synagogue Experience 22
Synagogue Experience 23

Investigating Science

Investigating Science 1
Investigating Science 2
Investigating Science 3
Investigating Science 4
Investigating Science 5


Some children from across Year 3 have been working with Maria learning the art of story telling and performing this to an audience.  We had a lovely afternoon performance of their newly learned skills to both the rest of Year 3 and some parents.

Story Tellling Performance

Story Tellling Performance 1
Story Tellling Performance 2
Story Tellling Performance 3
Story Tellling Performance 4
Story Tellling Performance 5
Story Tellling Performance 6
Story Tellling Performance 7
Story Tellling Performance 8
Story Tellling Performance 9
Story Tellling Performance 10
Story Tellling Performance 11


The children enjoyed Science Week and tasting a range of Italian foods as part of our Geography focus.  We had a try at making our own pizza, with many of us wearing the flour rather than putting it in the pizza!  Take a look at the photos below:-


Italian Food Tasting

Italian Food Tasting 1
Italian Food Tasting 2
Italian Food Tasting 3
Italian Food Tasting 4
Italian Food Tasting 5
Italian Food Tasting 6
Italian Food Tasting 7
Italian Food Tasting 8
Italian Food Tasting 9
Italian Food Tasting 10
Italian Food Tasting 11
Italian Food Tasting 12
Italian Food Tasting 13
Italian Food Tasting 14
Italian Food Tasting 15
Italian Food Tasting 16
Italian Food Tasting 17
Italian Food Tasting 18
Italian Food Tasting 19
Italian Food Tasting 20
Italian Food Tasting 21

Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2
Science Week 3
Science Week 4
Science Week 5
Science Week 6
Science Week 7
Science Week 8
Science Week 9
Science Week 10
Science Week 11
Science Week 12
Science Week 13
Science Week 14
Science Week 15
Science Week 16
Science Week 17


We have already had a great start to the half term with a visit from Meghan Beesley (a Great Britain athletic) to raise sponsor money for charity and school.  See the photos below:-

Visit from Meghan Beesley

Visit from Meghan Beesley 1
Visit from Meghan Beesley 2
Visit from Meghan Beesley 3
Visit from Meghan Beesley 4
Visit from Meghan Beesley 5
Visit from Meghan Beesley 6
Visit from Meghan Beesley 7
Visit from Meghan Beesley 8
Visit from Meghan Beesley 9
Visit from Meghan Beesley 10
Visit from Meghan Beesley 11

Learning about the Story Mountain

Learning about the Story Mountain 1
Learning about the Story Mountain 2
Learning about the Story Mountain 3


Another busy month in Year 3.


The children have enjoyed exploring Dragons as our main theme of learning this term.  They have used this theme to create their own moving dragon heads in our DT lessons using a pneumatic system.  


In Science, the children have been exploring Forces and Magnetism and they particularly enjoyed the Science investigations to find magnetic and non-magnetic materials.


They have, also, had fun learning PE skills with the sporting coaches from the local College.

Making our Dragons

Making our Dragons 1
Making our Dragons 2
Making our Dragons 3
Making our Dragons 4
Making our Dragons 5
Making our Dragons 6
Making our Dragons 7
Making our Dragons 8
Making our Dragons 9
Making our Dragons 10
Making our Dragons 11
Making our Dragons 12
Making our Dragons 13
Making our Dragons 14
Making our Dragons 15
Making our Dragons 16
Making our Dragons 17
Making our Dragons 18
Making our Dragons 19
Making our Dragons 20

Investigating with Magnets

Investigating with Magnets 1
Investigating with Magnets 2
Investigating with Magnets 3
Investigating with Magnets 4
Investigating with Magnets 5
Investigating with Magnets 6
Investigating with Magnets 7
Investigating with Magnets 8
Investigating with Magnets 9
Investigating with Magnets 10
Investigating with Magnets 11
Investigating with Magnets 12
Investigating with Magnets 13

PE with Sporting Coaches

PE with Sporting Coaches 1
PE with Sporting Coaches 2
PE with Sporting Coaches 3
PE with Sporting Coaches 4
PE with Sporting Coaches 5
PE with Sporting Coaches 6
PE with Sporting Coaches 7
PE with Sporting Coaches 8
PE with Sporting Coaches 9
PE with Sporting Coaches 10
PE with Sporting Coaches 11
PE with Sporting Coaches 12


We have had a very active start to the new year.  The children arrived at school on their first day back to discover some eggs in the hall.  After much discussion we have decided that these may be Dragon eggs.  The children had some discussions deciding whether we should keep the eggs or send them away.  The children asked Mrs Driver and she referred the matter to Health and Safety.  The Health and Safety team decided that it was up to the children what they should do with the eggs....this could go on for some time.....


We have, also, been exploring what different types of dragon look like and the children have created their own watercolour paintings to highlight the variety of dragons that can be found.


In Maths, the children have been looking at Subtraction and have been working upon different methods to subtract two digit numbers.


What a start to the year!

Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers

Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers 1
Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers 2
Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers 3
Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers 4
Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers 5
Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers 6
Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers 7
Maths - Subtracting Two Digit Numbers 8

Dragon Watercolour Painting

Dragon Watercolour Painting 1
Dragon Watercolour Painting 2
Dragon Watercolour Painting 3
Dragon Watercolour Painting 4
Dragon Watercolour Painting 5
Dragon Watercolour Painting 6
Dragon Watercolour Painting 7
Dragon Watercolour Painting 8
Dragon Watercolour Painting 9
Dragon Watercolour Painting 10
Dragon Watercolour Painting 11
Dragon Watercolour Painting 12
Dragon Watercolour Painting 13
Dragon Watercolour Painting 14
Dragon Watercolour Painting 15
Dragon Watercolour Painting 16
Dragon Watercolour Painting 17
Dragon Watercolour Painting 18
Dragon Watercolour Painting 19
Dragon Watercolour Painting 20
Dragon Watercolour Painting 21
Dragon Watercolour Painting 22
Dragon Watercolour Painting 23
Dragon Watercolour Painting 24
Dragon Watercolour Painting 25
Dragon Watercolour Painting 26
Dragon Watercolour Painting 27
Dragon Watercolour Painting 28
Dragon Watercolour Painting 29
Dragon Watercolour Painting 30
Dragon Watercolour Painting 31
Dragon Watercolour Painting 32

Dragon Eggs!!

Dragon Eggs!! 1
Dragon Eggs!! 2
Dragon Eggs!! 3
Dragon Eggs!! 4
Dragon Eggs!! 5
Dragon Eggs!! 6
Dragon Eggs!! 7
Dragon Eggs!! 8
Dragon Eggs!! 9


This has been a very busy month.  The children have been exploring Animals(including Humans) in Science which has involved learning about healthy eating, skeletons and how their muscles work.  In English, the children have been continuing to work upon extending their sentences by using conjunctions.  We, also, invited our parents into the classroom for our Inspire Spelling workshop.

Inspire Spelling Workshop with our Parents

Inspire Spelling Workshop with our Parents 1
Inspire Spelling Workshop with our Parents 2
Inspire Spelling Workshop with our Parents 3
Inspire Spelling Workshop with our Parents 4
Inspire Spelling Workshop with our Parents 5

Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates

Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 1
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 2
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 3
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 4
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 5
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 6
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 7
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 8
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 9
Science - Sorting Vertbrates and Invertbrates 10

English - Extending Sentences with conjunctions

English - Extending Sentences with conjunctions 1
English - Extending Sentences with conjunctions 2
English - Extending Sentences with conjunctions 3

Science - Exploring Nutrition in Foods

Science - Exploring Nutrition in Foods 1
Science - Exploring Nutrition in Foods 2
Science - Exploring Nutrition in Foods 3
Science - Exploring Nutrition in Foods 4


The children have been continuing to work with Maria, the storyteller, to develop their understanding of Ancient Greece through story and drama.  In English, the children have been exploring narrative through the form of myths to enable them to write their own myth by the end of term.

The Trojan Horse

The children have been learning all about the story of The Trojan Horse with Maria, the storyteller.  We listened to Maria tell the story and then, in the classroom, we created our own freeze frames of each event from the story to create our own storyboard.  See the photos below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Maths - Ordering two digit numbers

Maths - Ordering two digit numbers 1
Maths - Ordering two digit numbers 2
Maths - Ordering two digit numbers 3
Maths - Ordering two digit numbers 4
Maths - Ordering two digit numbers 5

English - Making sentences using conjunctions.

English - Making sentences using conjunctions. 1
English - Making sentences using conjunctions. 2
English - Making sentences using conjunctions. 3


The children have continued to explore Rocks within Science and became Paleontologists for the afternoon to explore fossils.  They used brushes to carefully remove sand to discover a range of different fossils.  They have, also, met a Geologist.

Rock Talk!

We met Mr. Collins(Geologist) who shared his knowledge about rocks and soils with all the Year Three.  The children enjoyed exploring the different types of rock and how these are created through a range of activities.  Mr. Collins, also, shared how soils are made.  See the photos below:-

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28

Discovering fossils

Discovering fossils 1
Discovering fossils 2
Discovering fossils 3
Discovering fossils 4
Discovering fossils 5
Discovering fossils 6
Discovering fossils 7
Discovering fossils 8
Discovering fossils 9
The children have been continuing to explore the pre-historic period and have been creating timelines to show the chronological order of key aspects.  With Maria, the storyteller, the children have been exploring the many occupations that developed during the Iron Age including:- Farmers, Weavers, Wood Turners, Potters, Flour Grinders and Blacksmiths.

Exploring the Iron Age

Exploring the Iron Age 1
Exploring the Iron Age 2
Exploring the Iron Age 3
Exploring the Iron Age 4
Exploring the Iron Age 5
Exploring the Iron Age 6
Exploring the Iron Age 7
Exploring the Iron Age 8


In Science we have been exploring rocks and composing questions that we would like answered about these. We used the magnifying glasses to take a closer look at a range of different rocks.

Science - Exploring Rocks

Science - Exploring Rocks 1
Science - Exploring Rocks 2
Science - Exploring Rocks 3
Science - Exploring Rocks 4


We have been learning Place Value and played some games using the tens and ones.  The children are learning to exchange the ones to make ten.


Exchange Ten Maths Games

Exchange Ten Maths Games 1
Exchange Ten Maths Games 2
Exchange Ten Maths Games 3
Exchange Ten Maths Games 4
Exchange Ten Maths Games 5
Exchange Ten Maths Games 6
Exchange Ten Maths Games 7
Exchange Ten Maths Games 8
Exchange Ten Maths Games 9

English and History

Our History focus this half term is to explore the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We began this learning with a visit from a Stone Age woman(Maria Whatton - Storyteller) whom the children discovered in the school hall.  They were able to ask her some very though provoking questions to aid their understanding of what life in the Stone Age would have been like.  The children were particularly intrigued that the Stone Age woman did not understand much of the technology and every day language they used.

The Stone Age Woman

The Stone Age Woman  1
The Stone Age Woman  2
The Stone Age Woman  3
The Stone Age Woman  4
The Stone Age Woman  5
The Stone Age Woman  6


Still image for this video


Still image for this video