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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


Welcome to Year 3! 

The Autumn term is set to be an exciting and productive time that we hope your child will enjoy. 


This is what we will be covering:


Topic - Our main focus this term will be History and the children will be learning about The Stone Age through to the Iron Age. 


Science - We will be studying Rocks and Soils. This will involve looking at rocks as well as a visit from a Geologist!


English - We will be looking at non-chronological reports and we will have Wednesday mornings with our school storyteller Maria. She will tell the children interactive stories as well as helping the children to become more confident and explore drama. We will be making links with our history topic throughout English.


Maths - We will be starting with place value and numbers to 1000 then moving onto addition and subtraction. We will also have multiplication and arithmetic workshops to develop these skills. 


RE - We will look at role models, our heroes and begin to look at the religion of Islam.


Check out website pages regularly for updates on our exciting work!

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Our Head Teacher's Award Winners 🏆🌟

An Interview with our amazing resident Storyteller, Maria Whatton about her involvement in the current Stars and Stories project

An Interview with storyteller, Maria Whatton about her involvement in the Stars and Stories project. For details of the project, please visit the Adverse Camber website:

Stone Age To Iron Age Homework

Take a look at some of the wonderful pieces of homework that have been created for our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. Keep up the good work 3S!

Palaeontologists at work 🔬

Building Stone Henge

This week in P.S.H.E we have been thinking about rewards and consequences. 🏆🚫
In English we used freeze frames to inspire our writing about Iron Age jobs. Can you spot a potter, a blacksmith, a weaver, a wood turner, a farmer or a flour grinder? 

15.10.18 - A thought for the week in class 3S.

"In a world where you can be anything, choose kind." 


We explored this theme in P.S.H.E with lots of discussion about our school community and through role play.

Thinking back to all we have learnt about The Stone Age to Iron Age, we used key words to create timelines. 

🇫🇷 French Day 25.10.18 🇫🇷

Spring Term



This half term we have been learning about Philippe Petit who completed a tightrope walk between the Twin Towers in 1974. This video gives you an idea of his extreme stunt.

The Walk - Scene with Beethoven - Fur Elise song

Uploaded by Elthib Movies on 2015-12-20.

Re-creating events from Philippe's childhood through still images. 



Our Science topic this half term is plants. 

We have been investigating what will happen to a plant if we take away something it needs to survive.

In 3S we have decided to investigate what will happen if we do not water our plant. 

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Chinese New Year Activities 


French Day 15.2.19

We spent the day learning about the French town of Bordeaux. We also tasted some French foods and created a picture of the oldest 3 masted ship in France called the Belem.




Spring 2

Topic - Our Topic this half term is the country Italy. We will mainly being looking at the geographical makeup of the country as well as its landmarks, culture and food!


Science - We will be studying Light. We will look at light sources, how shadows form and how light enables us to see the world around us.


English - We will be writing a science fiction story this half term.  We will continue to have Wednesday mornings with our school storyteller Maria. She will help the children to explore the story of Sector 7 practically which will fuel ideas and expose them to vocabulary to retell the story of sector 7 using the writing features learnt so far.


Maths - We will be focusing on fractions this half term. This will include ordering fractions, finding equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting them.


RE - We will look at Pilgrimages through the religion of Islam.


PSHE - Our next Jigsaw piece for PSHE is healthy me.

Maths Day 6.3.19 🎲✏️📏📐

World Book Day 7.3.19 📚

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Science Week 🔬

During the week we have completed different activities such as making a journey stick, the rain cloud experiment and experiencing the science dome. 

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