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Making Roman Bread

Making Roman Bread 1
Making Roman Bread 2
Making Roman Bread 3
Making Roman Bread 4
Making Roman Bread 5
Making Roman Bread 6
Making Roman Bread 7
Making Roman Bread 8
Making Roman Bread 9
Making Roman Bread 10
Making Roman Bread 11
In Geography the children have made their own compass. They did this by magnetising a needle, which they then floated on a piece of balsa wood in water.
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Picture 2
On French Day the children all made a flag, learnt to sing a son in French and also enjoyed a French themed breakfast.
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In our DT lessons the children made models of vehicles. They then made electric circuits to add lights to them.
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Thursday 7th March World Book Day

All of the children dressed up, we had several Gangsta Granny's, a Mary Poppins and a Dennis the Menace, amongst many others. As you can see the children all looked great.

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Science Week

The children explored the journey of a germ with a sneezing investigation and made different shaped paper aeroplanes to see which would stay in the air for the longest.