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Welcome to 5V!

We are taught by Miss Vickers and supported by Miss Guest, along with many other adults in school.

We love being creative!

To start our amazing Year 5 experience, we have had a chance to be creative by making our own Mayan Temple as a group on the first day of term. We have even made Mayan Worry Dolls that we will tell all of our worries to, just like the ancient Maya of long ago!

The video below tells a story about Silly Billy (by Anthony Brown) who was a worrier until he stayed over at his Grandma's house. She taught him all about worry dolls, just like Miss Vickers told us about them!

We love Science and investigating!

This term, we are looking at forces in the world around us. Today (11.09.2018), we have been looking at gravity and how it works. We found out that it was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton after an apple fell on his head one day! We carried out an experiment using a balloon and a straw to see how gravity is a force that cannot be stopped. This was really fun!

We watched the video above and we were amazed by this! We watched Miss Vickers try to do the same but we knew that this wouldn't happen because the pull of gravity is a lot stronger on Earth. 

More science investigations!

we have been looking at air resistance and we had lots of fun doing this! Miss Vickers gave us lots of different materials to create a parachute to help some astronauts whose shuttle had broken. We made three different parachutes and tested them to see which size would be best to use. We found out that the biggest parachute we made was the best as this took around a second to drop to the floor when the others were less than 1 second!

 We love acting!

To help us with our Mayan topic, we had a chance to act out the lives of different Mayan social classes. Some of us were nobles, women and farmers. We now know that Mayan society was a class system with the most amount of people in the commoner section. We had lots of fun guessing who belonged to the different classes!

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