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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


Welcome to 6W!

Come and have a look at all of the exciting things we have been doing in class!

This half term (Autumn 2) in History we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks. Also, in Science we shall be studying Animals, including Humans.

As part of our Science topic, we visited The William Allitt School to learn about our bodies and how they function. We had lots of fun dissecting hearts, measuring our pulse and using microscopes to study blood samples.

This half term (Autumn 1) in History we will be learning about Crime and Punishment from the Anglo-Saxons to the present day. Also, in Science we shall be investigating light and how light helps us to see.

In English, we are working towards writing a set of instructions. Our instructions will be on how to make a colosseum. Today we immersed ourselves in the topic and started to construct our colosseums. 
A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our INSPIRE Spelling workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their spelling games with you. Links with home are very important to us as a school as way of continuing and developing learning.
As part of our English, we wrote a set of instructions using imperative verbs and adverbs.
We have been exploring forms of punishment used throughout the ages in Topic. We came up with a list of questions which we wanted to find out the answers to, we then discussed these questions as a class.
We have investigated how light travels in Science.
As part of our English, we acted out some different Anglo-Saxon punishments.
We have used equipment to help us solve problems in Maths.