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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


Welcome to 6W!

Come and have a look at all the exciting things we have been doing in class!

This half term (Autumn 1) in Maths we shall be exploring place-value and in English we shall be writing a set of instructions, a non-chronological report and a recount. Also, in Science we will be learning about Evolution and Inheritance.

In Maths, we have been ordering and comparing numbers to 10 million, including decimal numbers.
In English, we have started to write a piece of narrative writing. Our stimulus for this writing is The Piano by Aidan Gibbons.

The Piano

As part of our narrative writing, we have been thinking about the figurative language we could use to create an atmosphere. We also came up with a bank of adjectives and synonyms to describe the different parts of the story.
In Science, we have been exploring the life of Charles Darwin. We completed research into his personal life and his voyage on the HMS Beagle where he visited the Galapagos Islands. Next lesson, we shall present our findings.
In English, we had fun making a Paddington Bear sandwich. We then used this experience to write a set of instructions.

Paddington 2 - Making Marmalade.

In Maths, we have been exploring place-value. We used our place-value grids and counters to support us with reading and writing numbers to 10 million.