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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


What does your child learn at school each day?

Question, Explore, Think! 

Quality First Teaching and Learning: 

We believe that all staff must promote a love for learning and have a clear understanding of how children learn. 

The quality of planning, teaching, learning and assessment will be tailored to suit the needs of all learners.  Our aim is for all children to become independent learners through planning and teaching well-structured lessons, which demonstrate the ability to Explore, Question and Think.  A clear goal is communicated to all children who are then given the opportunity to Explore, using concepts such as story, drama, or technology, Question the learning, to support mastery, and finally Think through and expand concepts to develop greater depth. 


Our curriculum overview shows all Foundation Subjects across the 6 terms. Each year group has a specific focus from the National Curriculum. Please click on the link below: 

Each year group send home a NEWSLETTER outlining what your child will be learning. These can be found within your child's Class Page. 

The link above is our school's Curriculum Overview.

Our English Curriculum Overview and Policies

Our English Curriculum is linked directly to other subject areas, to immerse each pupil in their learning. For example in the Autumn Term pupils focus on Historical topics.
At NCJS we use Maths No Problem! This is a scheme of work using Singapore Approaches. The children begin each lesson with an In Focus (this is a problem solving task- to develop reasoning and evaluation). The lesson is then followed by a Let's Learn section. All children have a workbook to record their working out and a Journal to record approaches or Greater Depth work ( known as 'Challenges' by the children and staff).

The 99 Club


The 99 Club aims to raise standards in Maths through encouraging children to improve their mental calculations when attempting quick-fire multiplication and division problems. The idea is that, with repeated practice, the scheme will result in increased speed and confidence when tackling mental maths problems.


Children are given 10 minutes to complete the maths problems, if they can answer all questions correctly, they move onto the next club. Success is celebrated through the award of a Head Teacher’s Certificate during Celebration assembly. Children can download practise sheets from the school website on the class pages.


This scheme consists of eleven Clubs for the children to work through:


11 Club - 11 questions (doubling numbers 1 to 10)

22 Club - 22 questions (repeated addition 1 to 10)

33 Club - 33 questions (2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x tables)

44 Club - 44 questions (1x, 4x, and 6x tables)

55 Club - 55 questions (7x, and 8x tables)

66 Club - 66 questions (9x, 11x, and 12x tables)

77 Club - 77 questions (inverse division facts)

88 Club - 88 questions (mixed multiplication and division facts)

99 Club - 99 questions (mixed multiplication and division facts)


Children who supersede the 99 Club can move onto the new prestigious Achievement and Ambassador Club. This will be a superb achievement so these children will receive special badges as an award.

Mindfulness through Personal, Social and Health Education

Mindfulness through Personal, Social and Health Education 1 Personal Social and Health Education.

Our Approach, through Jigsaw, provides a progressive scheme that prepares children for modern day life in Britain- covering up to date issues and opportunities for everyday mindfulness.