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Moving Forward, Aiming High!

School Improvement Priorities

2016 School Self-Evaluation:

Priorities for School Improvement (refer to School Improvement Plan for more detail):


Leadership and Management:

  • Model and promote good Teaching, Learning and Assessment so all Teaching and Learning becomes good and overtime outstanding. Reflection and professional development enables sharing of ‘best practice’ - closing the gap for all learners.

  • Build Middle Leadership capacity.

  • Fully inform Governors of progress towards School Improvement priorities.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of new interventions aimed at closing the gaps for Disadvantaged pupils (against National Non-Disadvantaged pupils) in Reading and Mathematics.


Teaching Learning and Assessment:

  • Provide Continued Professional Development and Coaching to raise performance.

  • Model good practice.

  • Develop accurate assessment systems. 


Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare:

  • Continue to promote tolerance and harmony through British Values (democracy and rule of law).

  • Promote active learning.

  • Increase attendance for Disadvantaged and SEND pupils.


Outcomes for pupils:

  • Raise Disadvantaged attainment and progress in reading, mathematics and writing.

  • Raise attainment and progress in reading, mathematics and writing.

  • School to be above the floor targets in 2017.

Teaching and Learning Priorities