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πŸƒ Autumn 1 πŸƒ


What are we getting up to in Autumn 1?


Science - We're asking "What types of rocks are there?"   We want to know about the different types of rocks and how soil is formed.  


History - A study of the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages.   What was the difference between the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages?  What was it like in Britain?  What tools did they use?  How did they live day to day?


R.E. - We begin a new R.E. enquiry where we will learn about Divali and what it means to belong.  We will be introduced to Hindu beliefs about this celebration.


Maths - We start this half term looking at Place Value, then addition and subtraction.


English - We start this half term by focusing upon writing super sentences. 


Cave Paintings

As part of our Sensational Starter for this Autumn term we enjoyed creating our own versions of Stone Age cave paintings.  Take a look at some of our artwork...