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Welcome to 3R!


We are taught by Mr Roper with Mrs Lloyd and many other wonderful adults in school!

Welcome to 3R!

Super Reading Stars!



It's great to see which children have been accessing the online quizzes for Accelerated Reader at home. I'm always curious to see what you have been reading. There's a real variety in your choices.


Well done to...

Henry B    Devon   Lily     Toby    Lacey    and  Poppy


Keep Reading!

What are we getting up to in Spring 2?


Science - We're asking "Are we different or are we the same?"   We want to know about bodies, skeletons and nutrition.  


Geography - A study of the Peak District Vs Derby city.   What is it like to live in these places?  What are the physical and human features of these places? What is the same and what is different?   What kinds of jobs do people have in these places?


R.E. - We begin a new R.E. enquiry where we will learn about Easter and forgiveness.   Our key question is: What is 'good' about Good Friday?


Maths - We start this half term looking at length and perimeter.


English - We start this half term by creating our own warning tales. 

A new year and time for some new topics. Let Spring 1 begin!


Science - We will learn about forces and magnets in this topic. 


History - We're travelling back to Ancient Greece for our topic this half term. What influence did the ancient Greeks have on our lives today? What will we learn about the gods and monsters in Greek myths? 


R.E. - We begin a new R.E. enquiry where we will learn about Jesus' miracles and question whether these were real or if there's another explanation.


Maths - Division, multiplication problems, money and statistics.


English - this will link to our topic of Ancient Greece. We will be exploring Theseus and the Minotaur as well as writing a diary entry of a day in the life of a Greek.

Magnetic running track.

Magnets make our Greek athletes go round the track

Ancient Greeks - Sensational Starter laugh


This is what we will be covering in Autumn 2:


Topic - Our main focus this term will be Geography and the children will be learning about different countries around the world to become Atlas Detectives


Science - We will be studying Light. This will involve looking at the dangers of UV light, shadows, sources of light and reflections.


English - We will be looking at non-chronological reports and we will be making links with our geography topic throughout English.


Maths - We will be covering the topics of multiplication and division. 


RE - We will continue to learn about the religion of Islam.

Making shadows!

A bit of Light Christmas craft.


We made Christmas decorations and considered which parts were opaque or translucent. Where did the light shine through the tissue paper? Which parts blocked the light?


Some cracking homework by 3R!

Lacey created spaghetti carbonara. Viva l'Italia!
Toby made pizza but didn't share with Mr Roper :(
Zack has been researching different flags at home!

Autumn Term

The Autumn term is set to be an exciting and productive time that we hope your child will enjoy. 


This is what we will be covering:


Topic - Our main focus this term will be History and the children will be learning about The Stone Age through to the Iron Age. 


Science - We will be studying Rocks and Soils. This will involve looking at rocks as well as a visit from a Geologist!


English - We will be looking at non-chronological reports. We will be making links with our history topic throughout English.


Maths - We will be starting with place value and numbers to 1000 then moving onto addition and subtraction. We will also have multiplication and arithmetic workshops to develop these skills. 


RE - We will look at role models, our heroes and begin to look at the religion of Islam.


Check out website pages regularly for updates on our exciting work!


Magical Middle - We are palaeontologists!

Today, we were palaeontologists.
We were hunting for fossils!
We used brushes to protect the delicate fossils

Making Stonehenge models!

We have been making clay models of Stonehenge
We looked closely at different pictures and videos