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Welcome to 3N!


We are taught by Mrs Nicholls with Mrs Lloyd and many other wonderful adults in school!

This weeks amazing award winners are ....
Our previous winners include all of these

Positive People

At Newhall, we believe in and encourage happy and mentally healthy children and staff. Each week we will introduce a value to inspire us. This week it is...



Iggy Independence

We can be independent by...

  • Having everything we need to start the day
  • Checking our work for mistakes (reading sentences out loud helps)
  • Trying to solve problems by ourselves before asking for help
  • Collecting everything we need at the end of the day 

What are we getting up to in Autumn 2?


We are asking the question: Can you be an atlas detective?

The children will learn about different countries in the world, with a focus on the United Kingdom. We will discuss the features and landmarks of the four countries in the UK, and learn where some of the major cities are.

In our science, we are learning about light sources and how we see things. Today we have been investigating which things are the best reflectors.
We have been learning more about the world in our geography lessons. We can name the continents and love listening the continents song and we have also learned about the five oceans by listening to another song. Both are attached below if you would like to hear them too.

Seven Continents Song

A song to help kids learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest. Subscribe! ➜ Visit ...

Five Oceans Song

A song to help kids learn the 5 oceans in order from largest to smallest. Subscribe! ➜ Visit the ...

We have completed our magnificent middle in geography. We have started to look closer to home now and focussed on the UK. We have created some different pieces of art for a landmark from each country of the UK. We made a model of Big Ben, attempted a model of Edinburgh Castle (it was very tricky), drew a sketch of The Giant’s Causeway and finally painted Mount Snowden.
In our outdoor time we used natural materials to build towers.

What are we getting up to in Autumn 1?


Science - We're asking "How do rocks shape our world?"   We want to know about different types of rock and how they are made..  


History - We are finding out the differences between life in the stone, iron and bronze ages. We will be finding out about the tools they used and how the discovery of new materials changed the way that people lived.


R.E. - We begin a new R.E. enquiry where we will learn about Divali and what it means to belong.  We will be introduced to Hindu beliefs about this celebration.


Maths - We start this half term looking at Place Value, then addition and subtraction.


English - We start this half term by focusing upon writing super sentences.


To help us to remember and make links in the things we are learning, we use knowledge organisers.

These are the ones we are using this half term.

We love reading stories. So far this half term we have read the following books:
Our new book is all about a big, hairy Yeti, who kidnaps a little girl. We are looking forward to seeing how she survives life in the wild.
We have started to make our Stone Age spears. The sawing was hard work but we are pleased with our work.
In the outdoor area this week, we used stones to build houses for the fairies to come and visit. There was even an Iron Age stone circle made. Great building work!
In Maths, we practise our times tables daily. We are focusing on recall of the 2, 5 and 10 times table at the moment. Try this page to practise at home too. 


Currently, we are writing sentences using conjunctions such as For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet or So to extend our sentences.  We use the mnemonic FANBOYS to help us to remember these.


We are learning to write sentences using FANBOYS to describe the key events in the video "Gus".  Follow the link to watch the video on You Tube.


We have been finding out about the Stone Age in history. They made their tools using stone and other natural materials. We made some models of some of the tools.
We have been learning about the way that prehistoric people recorded information about their daily life by creating cave paintings.