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Welcome to 3B!

You will be taught by Miss Beal and Mrs Thompson.



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What are we getting up to in Spring 1?

Science - We are finding out about forces and magnets. We will be investigating how magnets attract and repel each other and observing the way that forces can affect the objects they are acting upon.


History - We will be finding out all about the Ancient Greek Civilisation. We will find out about their culture of learning and how the things they discovered still have a huge impact on our lives today.


R.E. - We begin a new R.E. enquiry where we will learn more about Christianity and and asking, "Could Jesus really heal people? 


Maths - We start this half term continuing our work on multiplication and division, then move onto calculating with money. The recovery part of our maths curriculum will focus on measuring time.


English - We start this half term by focusing upon extending our sentences using an increased variety of conjunctions.

Knowledge Organisers

Ancient Greece | Educational Videos for Kids

Watch this video to find out more about the Ancient Greeks.

Magnet | BBC Bitesize | science

Watch this video to find out a little more about magnets.

What are we getting up to in Autumn 2?


We are using adjectives and generalisers to describe our own island for a non-fiction travel guide! 



We are asking the question: Can you be an atlas detective?

The children will learn about different countries in the world, with a focus on the United Kingdom. We will discuss the features and landmarks of the four countries in the UK, and learn where some of the major cities are.

What did we get up to in Autumn 1?




English - We are starting the term by writing super sentences using adjectives and conjunctions. We will be linking into the history topic for the term and will base our writing around the stone age. We will be reading from Stone Age Boy, Dave’s Cave and How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth (do NOT get soap in it’s eyes!).


Currently, we are writing sentences using conjunctions such as For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet or So to extend our sentences.  We use the mnemonic FANBOYS to help us to remember these.


We will start the half-term by looking at number and place value for 4 sessions (order of numbers, greater and less than, recognising and counting in hundreds, tens and ones). We will spend one session per week catching up on the missed curriculum from year 2 - this will include shape, statistics and word problem solving.


We begin a new R.E. enquiry where we will learn about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. We will listen to the stories of Hindu children and find out how they gain a sense of belonging from their religion.


We are asking "What was life like in the Stone Age?" We will be looking at what tools and food was used, and what life would have been like in the Stone Age.

Children and adults alike kicked off their Stone Age learning journey with a sensational starter day. A visit from a real life Stone Age women called Om. We asked Om lots of questions to understand who she was and how she lived. 


We're asking "How do rocks shape our world?" We want to know about; different rocks and what they are used for; fossils and where they are found; layers of soil and what they are made up from. We will become rock detectives and get stuck in to some experiments.

Art and DT

Take a look at these fantastic arrows made by 3B!

Fabulous cave paintings from 3B!!

Stone Age arrows!

Home projects

Are you feeling creative? Have a go at some of the design technology projects below.