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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


Welcome to Year 3! 

The Autumn term is set to be an exciting and productive time that we hope your child will enjoy. 


This is what we will be covering:


Topic - Our main focus this term will be History and the children will be learning about The Stone Age through to the Iron Age. 


Science - We will be studying Rocks and Soils. This will involve looking at rocks as well as a visit from a Geologist!


English - We will be looking at non-chronological reports and we will be making links with our history topic throughout English.


Maths - We will be starting with place value and numbers to 1000 then moving onto addition and subtraction. We will also have multiplication and arithmetic workshops to develop these skills. 


RE - We will look at role models, our heroes and begin to look at the religion of Islam.


Check out website pages regularly for updates on our exciting work!

Found by a member of our class around Swadlincote. What a thoughtful act of kindness!
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Building Stonehenge
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Science - Hardness Test
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We have been testing the hardness of different types of rocks. We used a nail and sandpaper to scratch the rocks and recorded our observations. We observed that rocks such as chalk were extremely crumbly (and quite messy) whereas rocks such as marble and granite were very tough!
Refresh your brain about the different types of rock and give this video a watch.

3 Types of Rocks | #aumsum

3 Types of Rocks. On the bases of their formation, rocks are broadly divided into three types, namely igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks are found in volcanic regions. Igneous rocks are formed from magma, which is a molten material found deep inside the earth.

Science - Sensational Starter

To begin our learning in Science we had a visit from a real life geologist!


He shared lots of facts about the three types of rock (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous) and even showed us cool experiments to simulate the making of the three different kinds of rocks.



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Stone Age Day


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Children and adults alike kicked off their Stone Age learning journey with a sensational starter day. A visit from a real life Stone Age women called Om. We asked Om lots of questions to understand who she was and how she lived.