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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


Welcome to 4B

Spring 1


4B are looking forward to 2022 and all that it brings during our time in school. We have lots of exciting things planned for this half term to give children lots of new experiences. 

Our unit of history focuses on the Anglo-Saxons and we will kick this off with an exciting visitor. 

during February, Year 4 will be lucky enough to spend a few nights away at Lea Green doing lots if exciting activities. 

Keep an eye out to see what we get up to! 

Sensational Starter 

Autumn 2

Our Learning Journey will focus on Geography this half term and we will be looking at Volcanoes and Earthquakes. 


Keep your eyes peeled for all the fantastic work that 4B will be creating this half term. 

Positive People 

Week1: Levi for Reggie Reflection 

Week 2: Lacey-May for Rocky Resilience and Iggy Independence 

Year 4 started back their half term with a

surprise. 4B's classroom had been destroyed

by an Earthquake so they spent the day

learning about how they are caused.



Autumn 2 - Look at what we can create

when we work as a team! I wonder what we can achieve this year when we work together as a TEAM!!

Autumn 2 - Look at all the skills we have in 4B. I wonder what new skills we can learn this year!


Sensational Starter 

During part of our Learning Journey, we looked at the layers of the earth, how earthquakes happen and what to do during an earthquake. 

Ask us how to keep safe!

The Layers of the Earth

Let's Learn about the Layers of the earth with this video.For more videos go to: tuned for more videos.

πŸ₯ Autumn African Drumming πŸ₯


πŸͺ˜ Our Final Piece πŸͺ˜

Still image for this video

Science- I can understand the properties of solid, liquids and gases. 

Maths- I can make 3D shapes

Autumn 1


We are looking forward to an exciting year in Year 4. We have lots of exciting opportunities planned already this half term including a fantastic visitor to start our Roman topic and learning to play the African drum.  


Keep checking back here to see us thinking, exploring and questioning in all of our lessons.


Mr Briggs

Celebrating Success!!

A massive well done to…


Week 1: Finley for showing Rocky Resilience!

Week 2: Claudio for showing Penny Pride! 

Week 3: Finn for showing Reggie Reflection! 
Week4: Ella for showing Penny Pride 

Our class book in Autumn 1 is…

Magical Middle

As part of our topic on the Romans, we spent the day using new DT skills to create our own model of an amphitheatre. We had the opportunity to use a craft knife and hot glue guns to cut and attach our amphitheatres. For our plan, we created a diagram using a cross section design. βœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈ

Ask us what we are learning in our music lessons! πŸͺ˜πŸ₯

A yummy creation!
During our writing lessons, we created our own set of instructions to create a sweet Roman Road. Look at the fun we had! I bet it tasted yummy! πŸͺ

An exciting visitor!