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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


Oliver Twist - The Play 

In Reading this week, we are looking at the play of Oliver Twist. We learnt about stage directions and had a go at performing our own mini play of Scene 1: The Workhouse. 

Summer 2

Science Day - Plants

As a part of our catch up curriculum, Year 4 spent the day looking at plants. We learnt about all the parts of a plant and the function they play in its life. We then looked at the life cycle of a plant and how their seeds are dispersed. In the afternoon, we looked at how water travels up a plant and planted our own seed. Let’s see if our new knowledge about what plants need will help us to grow our plants successfully. 

Art - Tolerance 

During this half term, we have learnt about the artist Jasper Johns and the British Value of tolerance. We then used a new skill to create a flag that represents tolerance. 

Writing - Discussion

During week 6 of Summer1, Year 4 learnt how to use for and against arguments in a discussion. Children spent the week learning about how to come up with effective for and against arguments for different scenarios. Children then looked at how to create a effective conclusion to share their final thoughts. On the final day, we had a class debate where children shared their ideas for and against different situations. We had to think about how to put our arguments across effectively by speaking confidently and using facts. 

The Land of Roar

On Friday the 21st of May, Year 4 will be having a teams meeting with Jenny McLachlan who is the author of Land of Roar. We will be spending the week engaging and digging deeper into her books ready for Friday. Our lessons will be spent, creating our own mystical land and imaginary creatures. Keep an eye out to see what we get up to!

Make Your World - 1. Make a Map

A simple activity to help you create a map of your own fantasy world. Can be used in schools, for home schooling or just for fun. Please see my other videos ...

Look at our maps!

Build Your World - 2. Make Magical Characters

My second video to help you build your own magical world. Make your own flip book to create magical characters. Simple and silly and lots of fun! All resourc...

Look at our creations!

Build Your World - 3. Make some fantasy poo

Use any chocolate bar and cereal to make edible fantasy creature poo (yum yum!). Add ingredients you happen to have in the house and then decide which fantas...

Writing - Journey - 26.4.21

In our new writing topic, we are looking at the picture book Journey. We will be writing our own story using our new way of learning from Mrs C. Keep an eye out to see our amazing writing. Today we looked at the pictures and thought about where this journey citied take the girl. Ask us about the magic red crayon πŸ– 

St George’s Day 

On the 23rd of April, we celebrated St George’s day by wearing red and white. We also learnt about how George slayed the dragon and became the patron saint of England. 

Spring 2

Spring 1 was certainly a half term that we didn’t expect but we are all extremely happy to see the children back in school. We have so many exciting things planned for the children and our main aim is that children feel safe, happy and secure being back in school. 

Keep an eye out here to see what 4B get up to. 


Science- Classification. 
4B spent the afternoon exploring the school grounds for invertebrates. 

Spring 1


Welcome back to school in this Spring Term. This term in certainly going to be a term that no one expected but children are still going to make the best progress they can and we still have lots of exciting things planned for them. Lessons are going to be slightly different but we still plan to teach children all the things they would have had in school. Each and every child in 4B has made a fantastic start and they have done amazingly well at adapting to online learning. Well done to all the children and families at home for this. 


In Maths, we will be looking at multiplication and division while we continue with our fraction unit as part of our recovery curriculum. 

Science is focusing on animals and humans. Children will learn all about food chains, our teeth and the digestive system. 

During writing lessons, we will be having lessons with Mrs C to stack our writing to make it the best it can be. 

We hope to cover a range of texts in reading to allow children to develop their questioning, vocabulary and reasoning skills. 

We will take a dive into the past as we learn all about the Anglo-Saxons. 


Keep an eye out on the Year group page to see our amazing work through online learning. 


Mr Briggs


Our book in Autumn 2 was...

Autumn 2

We had a fantastic start back to the Autumn term in September and children worked amazingly. We have lots more fun planned for this half term. Children have started their new unit on Volcanoes and Earthquakes with a bang and have an exciting activity involving VR headsets for early December. 

Keep an eye out to see what we get up to. 
Keep up the amazing work 4B

πŸŒ‹ Virtual Reality πŸŒ‹


Year 4 had an exciting visitor today.

We spent a session looking at volcanoes through virtual reality. Ask us about what we saw πŸŒ‹ we all got very excited. Here are the photos from 4Bs experience

Where has the 4B elf been this week?

The GIST- Learning about a volcanologist.

4B African Drumming 

Week 2

Still image for this video

Week 6

Still image for this video

We can’t wait to start our new Learning Journey


Here is our GIST on our new text Alice in Wonderland 


We are writing our own poem about an Earthquake

Autumn 1


We are looking forward to an exciting year in Year 4. We have lots of exciting opportunities planned already this half term including our residential visit to Lea Green, and learning how to play the clarinet. 


This half term we will be exploring the following within our lessons:-

English - Non-Chronological Reports

- Instructions

- News Reports

Maths - Place Value, including counting, reading and writing numbers up to 10,000.

- 99 Club

Science - Sound

History - Roman Britain

RE - What is the purpose and value of a sacred place?




Keep checking back here to see us thinking, exploring and questioning in all of these lessons.


Mr Briggs


In writing today, we used the Nando’s spice chart to rate our adjectives. We then looked at how we could make mild and extra mild words better using a thesaurus to describe Count Olaf. 

Reading - Krindlekrax

Magical Middle


For our Magical Middle, we learnt about Roman Amphitheatres. After, we used cardboard to create our very own models. We had the opportunity to use hot glue guns and scalpels with support from Mr Briggs. 


We all worked really hard to create cross section designs of our Roman Amphitheatre and we all really enjoyed using new equipment. 


Well done 4B, you all worked amazingly. 

Horrible Histories - Boudicca
We used this video in Reading to spark our imagination when reading about Boudicca. 


In our writing, we have looked at personification. Wait and see how we use it in our poems about a Roman camp.

September... An exciting visitor



We have been making Roman roads this week out of biscuits and custard. This was great fun reading and following the instructions so we know what is required to write clear instructions for others.  In our English lessons we are learning how these are written and we will be writing our own instructions soon.


We had lots of fun!

Our class book in Autumn 1 was...