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Welcome to 4R


Welcome back for this Spring Term. This is certainly going to be a very different term to the one that we had planned for but we will all do our best to deliver as many of the lessons that we had planned in the best way that we can. Everyone has already made a great start to their learning and I am looking forward to continuing to work with all our families to provide the best home learning possible.


Please see the main Year 4 page for regular updates on what we have been doing for our remote learning.


Miss Rushton

Our current class reader is...

Other books that we have enjoyed this year are:


Autumn 2

Elf Adventures

Tuesday 1st December

This morning we found a little note left by our elf to say that he is running a bit late because he has been too naughty and Santa won’t let him come until tomorrow.


Wednesday 2nd December

He’s arrived! Today we found a cheeky little elf had appeared in our classroom. He left a note to say he had bumped his head on the journey and had completely forgotten his name so 4R had a vote and it was decided that we would name him Timmy! I wondered what Timmy will get up to tonight...


Thursday 3rd December

This morning we discovered Timmy wrapped up in tinsel. Miss Rushton wasn’t impressed with his cheeky antics as he had scribbled all over the poem she wanted to use for our writing lesson! Luckily this has helped us with some inspiration for our new story writing task about a naughty elf.

Friday 4th December

Today we found Timmy nestled in the 4R advent calendar. Fortunately it doesn’t look like he ate any of our treats!




Monday 7th December

Timmy seems to have decided that he should have been Iggy Independence instead of Paige for last week. Paige was certainly not impressed that he had rubbed her name off and we’ll be fixing this as soon as he gets out of the way!



Tuesday 8th December

Well today we arrived to find that Timmy had obviously been playing with Elfie from 4V last night and had trapped him inside the fan! If Elfie doesn’t manage to escape we may need to launch a rescue mission tomorrow.



Wednesday 9th December

More antics in the corridor today. All three year 4 elves were spotted hanging around outside the classrooms this morning. It looks like they had a great time with the tinsel overnight.



Thursday 10th December

Miss Rushton forgot to take a photo today, but this morning we found Timmy all tangled up in our word net in the classroom. 

Friday 11th December

Today was Christmas jumper day in school and it took us a while to spot our cheeky elf in 4R. We eventually spotted him swinging from the projector.


Christmas decorations - 16.12.20

4R will be bringing home these fantastic Santa Christmas tree decorations today. We had lots of fun making them and I think they look amazing!

Christmas artwork - 15.12.20

We’ve had great fun this afternoon making Christmas cards and then we ended the day by learning how to draw some Christmas characters with Rob Biddulph.

Panto time! - 15.12.20

This morning we’ve had great fun in year 4 watching a pre-recorded version of Cinderella.


VR experience - 04.12.20

Today was a really exciting day in year 4. We had a special visitor into our class who showed us lots of images of volcanoes on a VR headset. Miss Rushton was very impressed with have much everyone had remembered about the different types and the different parts of volcanoes.

Volcano painting - 02.12.20

This afternoon we had lots of fun painting our paper maché volcanoes. Don’t they look amazing?! These amazing creations will be heading home later this week.

Maths - 1.12.20

Today we have been practising finding the perimeter of different objects in our classroom with a partner.

Learning journey - 30.11.20

We this afternoon we began an art project to build our own volcanoes. The children were given some cardboard to create a cone base and then used paper maché to build the shape of their volcanoes. It was very messy but we had lots of fun doing it!

Promoting independence - 27.11.20

We have spent most of the afternoon today talking about what it means to be an independent learner. We thought about lots of the questions and scenarios that pop up regularly in our class and grouped them according to whether children could “deal with it” themselves, “it can wait” until a suitable time to tell an adult or “urgent” for things that they need to tell an adult about immediately.


We also thought about some of the steps that children can take before they ask a teacher for help, to encourage them to be more independent in their learning. We looked at the 4Bs - brain, board, book and buddy. The children then made their own little prompt cards to remind them of where they can look for help before they speak to an adult. Check back on Monday for photos of their cards, we were busy laminating them at the end of the day and didn’t get a chance to photograph any.

Writing - 20.11.20

In today’s writing lesson we were revising co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions. We had lots of fun playing a board game and creating sentences with our partners.

Fractions - 19.11.20

Today we have been working on finding fractions of amounts. This is something we have found quite tricky but using the counters has really helped us to see that it’s not as tricky as some of us thought.

Investigating states of matter - 17.11.20

In our science lesson today we have been investigating states of matter. We carried out 3 investigations as a class, making predictions and recording our results. The first investigation was to see what happens to the mass of a carbonated drink if we release some of the gas. In our second experiment we were investigating melting rates of chocolate at different temperatures. Finally, our third investigation was all about evaporation and we looked at how temperature can affect rates of evaporation.

Sensational Starter - 02.11.20

Today was my first day with the new 4R class and what a day we had! We started our geography unit of work (How deadly are natural disasters?) with a whole day of topic based activities. We were part of the Crisis Response Team and had to investigate the damage that had happened after an earthquake struck the school. We learnt all about how earthquakes happen and what to do in the event of an earthquake. The children even finished the day by creating and filming their own safety videos.
Here are some pictures of the day:



Autumn 1

We learnt about the layers used in a Roman road using some interesting ingredients

We had a Roman Commander teach us all about Roman life, their army and artefacts

Boudicca & the Roman Invasion

This week we learnt about Boudicca and her rebellion against the Roman Empire.

In science we learnt about pitch and how to change it. We used elastic bands to create 3 different types of pitch.