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Welcome to our class page. This is where you will find all the latest news from 4R and updates on the learning we have been doing.

🌟 Celebrating Success 🌟

Our children work very hard and we know how important it is to recognise this, so every week we like to celebrate children who have gone above and beyond our expectations. We will choose a positive person, the top 3 spellers on Spelling Shed and top 3 on TTRockstars to all receive certificates.


Friday 21st January

Positive People:

This week Eva showed Carter and Coral Collaboration by always helping others and being a great partner.


Spelling Shed top 3:

1) Esme

2) Anais

3) -


TTRockstars top 3:

1) Dexter

2) Liam

3) Ashleigh


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Other books we have read this year are…

Spring 1

Music - 18.01.22

This half term in music 4R are learning to play the glockenspiel. We learnt two new songs today and everyone is doing really well.

Sensational starter - 14.01.22

This half term our history topic for our learning journey lessons is Anglo-Saxons. Today we had a visit from “Arthur” at History Workshops who taught us all about the Anglo-Saxons. We learned about how they came to Britain, how the period ended, their battle formations, society and we even played some games.

Reading - 13.01.22

Today we have been exploring poetry. We watched Michael Rosen performing his poem Chocolate Cake and then tried to use some of the techniques we learned to create our own performance poetry.

Autumn 2

Maths - 01.12.21

Over the past two weeks, Miss Rushton’s maths group have been learning to tell the time. This is a skill that needs to be practised regularly so it would be great if parents and carers could continue to work on this at home. In today’s lesson we enjoyed practising comparing analogue and digital time by playing pairs.

Magical Middle

29.11.21 - Today was the part one of our magical middle, where we began to make our own volcanoes using paper maché. It was a bit messy but I think everyone had fun with their creations. We will be coming back to our models later in the week to paint them before bringing them home.

01.12.21 - This afternoon was part 2 of our magical middle and we spent the afternoon painting our volcanoes. They are now drying, ready to bring home at the end of the week.

Thrive - 24.11.21

During our Thrive session today we took some more time to work on our teamwork skills by working collaboratively with a partner to draw a hidden image. Then we moved on to our focus for this half term of learning a new skill and accepting that it’s ok to make mistakes. Everyone had a go at learning to sew, which helped us to practise patience, resilience and being a supportive partner.

Science - 17.11.21

This afternoon we have been investigating states of matter. We set up experiments to test how to speed up the melting of chocolate and ice. We then investigated to mass of gas in a fizzy drink and set up an evaporation experiment.

Science - 09.11.21

This afternoon we have been learning about the particles in solids, liquids and gases. We made particles using play dough and arranged them to show the different states of matter.

Dance - 08.11.21

This half term one of our PE sessions each week is dance. The theme of our dance is “spy” and this week we were working on action and reaction movements with a partner.

Sensational starter - 01.11.21

Today we had a great first day back in school. When the children arrived we discovered that there had been an earthquake in school. They took photos, discussed the damage and came up with ideas about how they think earthquakes happen. We then learnt about the different layers of the earth and how earthquakes happen. We finished the day by making safety posters to advise people of what to do if they are caught in an earthquake.

Year 4 started back their half term with a

surprise. 4R's classroom had been destroyed

by an Earthquake so they spent the day

learning about how they are caused.


The Layers of the Earth

Let's Learn about the Layers of the earth with this video.For more videos go to: tuned for more videos.

Autumn 1

Music - 19.10.21

This half term our music lessons have been focusing on the music of ABBA and we have been learning to sing and play along to the song Mamma Mia. Today 4R had the chance to show off everything that they’ve learnt with a special performance. We even had Mr Goodman pop in to see how wonderful the children were. I think you’ll agree that all the children did really well. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Mamma Mia

Still image for this video

Indoor PE - 18.10.21

With the disappointing weather this afternoon we were forced to abandon our basketball lesson and instead picked some of our favourite workouts on GoNoodle.

Pupil leadership election - 15.10.21

Today in our rewards assembly we were given some very exciting news. Three girls from our class were all elected to the Pupil Leadership Team and will be helping to make some important decisions about our school this year. Congratulations to Eloise, Isabella and Mila! We are all so proud of you girls.

Science Wonderdome - 12.10.21

We had a very exciting lesson about space today in the wonderdome that came to visit us. We learnt about the International Space Station and took a virtual trip to the moon. Everyone had lots of fun and we enjoyed sharing our knowledge and asking questions when we went back to the classroom.

Maths - 05.10.21

Today in Miss Rushton’s maths group we practised adding multiples of 100. We used part-whole and bar models to represent our calculations in different ways.

Magical Middle - 04.10.21

Our whole day today was taken over by our DT project for our magical middle. We are learning about the Romans this half term and today we focused our learning on amphitheatres. The children practised using a craft knife and a hot glue gun to make their very own model of an amphitheatre. Everyone was very careful and worked really hard. The finished models look absolutely amazing!

Science - 21.09.21

For our science lesson today we learnt about how sound travels through objects by making our own string telephones.

Maths - 17.09.21

In our maths lesson today, Miss Rushton’s group practised measuring in cm using our rulers. We measured lines, checked our answers with a partner and practised accurately drawing our own lines.

Writing - 16.09.21

Today in our writing lesson we took part in an experience day to help us to gather ideas for our independent writing task next week. We have been learning about Roman roads in our learning journey lessons and today we had a go at making our own Roman roads (with all the different layers) using chocolates, biscuits and custard. It was lots of fun!

Sensational Starter - 09.09.21

Today we had a fantastic day for our sensational starter where we learnt all about the Romans from Centurion Agrippa. Everyone had lots of fun, especially when we were practising battle formations.