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Times tables

At the moment, we are focusing on our 9 times tables. Please watch the videos with us to help us learn our tables at home.

Spring 1

Welcome back to school in this Spring Term. This term in certainly going to be a term that no one expected but children are still going to make the best progress they can and we still have lots of exciting things planned for them. Lessons are going to be slightly different but we still plan to teach children all the things they would have had in school. Each and every child in 4V has made a fantastic start and they have done amazingly well at adapting to online learning. I am very proud of you all so well done to all the children and families at home for this. 


Keep an eye out on the Year group page to see our amazing work through online learning. 


Miss Vickers

Autumn 2

Elfie visiting 4V

1st December We found out that Elfie had been really naughty in the North Pole because she wasn’t social distancing from the other elves. Santa sent her for a Covid Test before she came to visit us. She used her elf magic to leave a note on one of our chairs.

2nd December - When we came in this morning, we couldn’t find Elfie because she was hiding. It took a long time for us to find her.

3rd December - Elfie was very naughty last night. She moved to our bookshelf and has scribbled all over the song Santa Claus is Coming to Town. She said that it was rubbish! We are not happy with her.

4th December - This morning, we found Elfie hiding inside the pile of volcanoes at the back of our classroom and she had done something very naughty. She went into our trays and took one of our pencil cases. 

7th December - When we walked in the classroom today, we saw that Elfie had written us a note to say that she had cancelled all of our lessons. Miss Vickers told us that this was a trick because we actually had a reading test.

8th December - This morning, we saw that Elfie had been trapped inside the fan by Timmy (4R elf). He even made a note to asking for help! Poor Elfie!

9th December - All of the elves in Year 4 decided to decorate our corridor with tinsel. It looked amazing and we really liked it.

10th December - Elfie decided to hide from us today because it took us a long time to find her. She was inside the big volcano book that is on our bookcase.

11th December - When we got to school this morning, we found Elfie hanging from the washing line in the classroom.
14th December - Elfie was hanging in our word net this morning and had written a definition for herself. She said that she was the best thing alive. We know she is wrong!

15th December - Today we saw Elfie riding a huge unicorn on top of the cupboard in our classroom. We thought it was Miss Vickers’ unicorn but she told us that it appeared overnight.

16th December - Elfie had been naughty last night because she was sat in the glitter tub at the back of the classroom and she had thrown glitter all over the side. Miss Vickers wasn’t very happy.

17th December - Today is our last day with Elfie (thank goodness) and she did the naughtiest thing we have seen her do. She wrapped our trays and bookcases in wrapping paper. She also threw paper all over the tables in our classroom and told us that she has stolen our presents. We really hope she hasn’t!!

Christmas Week

We have been doing a lot of different Christmas activities this week like making cards, calendars and decorations. We have had a lot of fun and we are really excited for Christmas! Keep an eye out for our calendars and decorations.

Learning Journey - 07.12.20

We looked at tsunami today in our lesson and we learned about how they happen and what damage it causes. We now know that the word tsunami is a Japanese word that means harbour wave and it is a giant wave that travels from the middle of the ocean to the shore. We looked at what happened during the tsunami in Japan on 11th March 2011. We watched the video below to have a look at the damage that was caused.

We had a go at recreating a mini tsunami in the classroom using mud, water and a whiteboard. Have a look at the pictures below to see how we did this.

Magical Middle - 04.12.20

We had a really exciting morning today because we had the man from Prime VR come into school. We used the VR headsets to explore volcanoes and look at the different types (active, dormant and extinct). We looked inside a volcano at the magma and we were able to share our knowledge of the different parts of a volcano with or visitor. We really enjoyed the experience. 

Learning Journey - 02.12.20

Today we finished off our volcanoes by painting them. We tried to make it look like they had erupted and we are really happy with the final result.have a look at our pictures below to see us as brilliant artists.

Maths - 01.12.20

In maths today, we were measuring the perimeter of different objects in the classroom. We measured all of the sides of the object and then added them together to get the perimeter of the objects. Have a look at the pictures to see our measuring and to see an example of how we found the perimeter.

Learning Journey - 30.11.20

For our lesson today, we have learned how to use papier-mâché and we used this to make our own volcanoes. We tore up pieces of scrap paper first and then we tore up some kitchen roll to make our final layer. Some of of us decided to make a stratovolcano and some of us made a shield volcano. Look back here on Wednesday to see what they look like once we have painted them.

Maths - 24.11.20

Our LO in Maths today was I can find equivalent lengths and we were looking at cm (centimetres) and mm (millimetres). Our task included measuring different objects around the classroom and converting them from cm to mm. We really enjoyed this lesson today.

Learning Journey - Week 4

This week we are writing a poem based on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We learnt about what happened on 24th August 79AD and we learned a lot of new words too. We watched an animation that shows what the people in Pompeii saw and heard on that terrible day. We asked Miss Vickers to put it on here so we can watch it with you at home. Check back here for some of our wonderful poems.

Writing - 20.11.20

In writing today, we were looking at compound and complex sentences. We know that a compound sentence uses co-ordinating conjunctions and complex sentences use subordinating conjunctions. To help us with our learning, we played a conjunction game which was really fun. 

Reading - 13.11.20

To start our lesson today we developed the gist of our class book. We then further explored the book by thinking about what we like about the book, what we don't like about the book, the themes that are explored and we wrote a list of questions. We also made a prediction about what we think is going to happen next. Have a look at the gist we created below.

Maths - 13.11.20

Today we were looking at finding fractions of amounts in Maths and we used counters below. We found the counters useful and Miss Vickers wrote on the table to help some of us. Have a look below at how we used the counters with our learning.

Writing - Week 1

We are looking at poetry this half term and we are focusing on using 3 of our senses. We watched videos to help us with what we see and what we can hear during an earthquake. 

Our see video.

Our hear video.

Alliteration - 05.11.20 

Today we looked at alliteration and we found out that this is when we use two or more words together that have the same sound at the start. We enjoyed watching the video below where we looked at what happened to different objects during the earthquake. We then thought of adjectives that started with the same letter as the noun.


Everything everywhere ended up on the floor. 

Three words in this sentence all start with the letter e.

Reading - Week 1 - Alice in Wonderland

This week we are looking at Alice in Wonderland and we have really enjoyed this text. On Wednesday, we developed the GIST where we answer: WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? Our class GIST is below.

Sensational Starter - 02.11.20

Today we had a great start to our Geography unit of work - How deadly are natural disasters? We were part of the Crisis Response team and had to investigate the damage that happened after the earthquake. We then learned about the different layers of the earth and how an earthquake happens. We also learned about drop, cover, hold on and created a safety video for our friends and family. Have a look below at our pictures from today.

Safety Video

Still image for this video

Safety Video

Still image for this video

Autumn 1

RE - 05.10.20

In RE, we are learning about the special relationship between God and Jews. This week we looked at how Jews remember the promises that they have made with God by using a Shema (a prayer) and a Mezuzah which is placed on the doorposts of Jewish homes. We designed our own Mezuzah that could be used by a Jewish family.

Writing - 05.10.2020

We have started off our new writing unit today which links to our class book. We had a visit from Violet Baudelaire who answered our questions. We asked her about how she felt when she met Justice Strauss and Count Olaf and how she felt when Mr Poe left them with Count Olaf. We found out that she really doesn't like him and neither do we!

A visit from Violet

Still image for this video

Magical Middle - 30.09.2020

Today we made Roman amphitheaters as part of our Magical Middle for Learning Journey. This was our first DT project of Year 4 and we really enjoyed our day. We have learned how to use a craft knife and hot glue gun safely and developed our cutting skills. Have a look at the pictures below of our work.

Miss Vickers was really proud of how hard we worked today and proud that we had no major injuries!

Writing - 24.09.2020

In writing, we are looking at writing a rhyming poem about Roman weaponry coming alive at midnight. One of the features that we have learnt about today is personification. Miss Vickers told us that this is when an object (like a shield) does something that a human can do.


Example: The shield stood proud in the middle of the campsite while the flames danced in the fire.


We also watched the video below which is really catchy. We have been singing it whenever Miss Vickers mentions personification!

Reading - 23.09.2020

Today we looked at our second Non-Fiction text which was all about Boudicca. We looked at what she was like as a leader and we all decided that we would prefer to follow her rather than the Roman emperors that we looked at on Monday (Claudius and Hadrian). We watched the video below to start our lesson.

Sensational Starter - 08.09.2020

Today we had a visit from Lee who came in to tell us all about Roman life in Britain. While he was here, we looked at what the Romans brought with them to Britain, battle strategies and we looked at real Roman artefacts. We also looked at the different weapons that were used in battles between the Celts and Roman soldiers. We really enjoyed the day and it was a great way to start our Learning Journey. Have a look at the pictures below of our awesome day.