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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


🌟 Celebrating Success 🌟

Our children work very hard and we know how important it is to recognise this, so every week we like to celebrate children who have gone above and beyond our expectations. We will choose a positive person, the top 3 spellers on Spelling Shed and top 3 on TTRockstars to all receive certificates.


Friday 24th September

This week’s positive person is Harry C who showed Iggy Independence by always trying her best in every lesson and making sure her work was set out correctly for every lesson.

Our top 3 spellers on Spelling shed this week are:🥇 Oliver 🥈Macey 🥉Julia

Our fastest 3 rockstars on TTRS are: 🥇 Harry J 🥈Oliver 🥉 Harry C

Our current class reader is...

Times tables

4V Maths group are focusing on chanting our 3 times tables in our Arithmetic sessions. Ask us to recite the times tables with you.

Autumn 1

Learning Journey - 22.09.21

Today we looked at different things that the Romans brought to Britain after they seized control in 43AD. We worked as groups to decide which ones were the most important and ranked them using a diamond 9 pattern. 

Writing - 16.09.21

Our lesson today was an experience day. We made our own version of edible Roman roads. We followed Verbal instructions to complete each layer of the road. We enjoyed the practical side of the lesson and we were able to say what each part of the edible road represented. This lesson is going to help us write our instructions next week.

Our Class Sentence Stack (Writing)

We have changed the way that we work in our writing lessons and we split the lesson into 3 sections where we write a different sentence for our genre. For the past 2 weeks, we have been looking at instructions. Every day, Miss Vickers takes a sentence from one of our books and adds it to the working wall. We can see the shape of our writing and the lenses that we have used to help create a set of instructions. Read our set of instructions to learn how to make a Roman shield.

Maths - 14.09.21

Today we were looking at how to round numbers to the nearest 100. We used a number line where we looked at which multi0e of 100 our number was closest to and we also used the rounding rule. Miss Vickers introduced us to the rounding rollercoaster which helped us remember what needs to happen to the digit in the hundreds column.

Sensational Starter - 09.09.21

Today we had a visit from a Roman Centurian and he talked about life in the Roman Army. We learned the Latin names for the different parts of his armour and we found out how the Centurian's armour is different to a normal solider. We also learned some of the battle strategies and practised fighting against the Britons (we really enjoyed this session). Another session that we had involved an archaeological dig where we looked at real artifacts and decided which ones were Roman and which ones were from other periods of history.

Reading - Week 1

Our reading group (4V) have been looking at the picture book Island by Mark Janssen. We looked at the pictures in detail and we were able to retell the story from what we learned. Before we looked at the book, we made a prediction using the front cover to help us. Then we looked at certain pictures to decide how a character was feeling and what they were thinking. On Thursday, we looked at the gist which is looking at who is in the story, what happens, when the story is set, where the story takes place and why certain things happen. We all liked the book and we thought it was a good story to start our Year 4 learning. Watch the video below for the story.