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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


🌟 Celebrating Success 🌟

Our children work very hard and we know how important it is to recognise this, so every week we like to celebrate children who have gone above and beyond our expectations. We will choose a positive person, the top 3 spellers on Spelling Shed and top 3 on TTRockstars to all receive certificates.


Positive People

Our positive person this week is Noah for Carter and Coral Collaboration. She has been a supportive friend this week and has worked hard to make sure a new member of the class felt welcome.



Spelling Shed


Our current class reader is...

Books that we have enjoyed this year:

Times tables

4V Maths group are focusing on chanting our 12 times tables in our Arithmetic sessions. Help us to learn the times tables by singing the song with us.

Summer 1

Spring 2

Science - 23.03.22

Our lesson today was looking at classifying invertebrates. We discussed how we can identify invertebrates (animals without a backbone) and we looked at the different animals that belong in this group. We went on the trim trail and in the forest school area to find insects. We used a classification key to correctly identify the ones we had found. 

Magical Middle - 22.03.22

Our Geography lesson today was our magical middle and we created an Île-de-France landscape jar. We used tissue paper for the background then drew pictures of landmarks found in Île-de-France on black card. These were then cut out and glued onto our jars. We are really happy with how they have turned out and can’t wait to take them home.

Writing - Week 4 and 5

Our unit of work in writing is non-fiction and we are going to be writing a Newspaper report. Our sentence stacking work will be based on the video below. We watched it for the first time today (21.03.22) and it made us really sad. This was because the creature died from plastic pollution in the ocean. 

Science - 15.03.22

Our science lesson today focused on vertebrates. We now know that there are 5 groups that are vertebrates. They are mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. We watched the video below to help us with our learning today. 

Music - 15.03.22

Today we have started a new unit of work based on the song Blackbird written by the Beatles. Miss Vickers told us some information about the band and the song. We have learned to sing the first 2 verses and the chorus.

Science Day - 15.03.22

The topic for British Science week is Growth and we have dedicated a whole morning to this. We have looked at how we can make slime grow and we also created our own Martian that would survive and grow on Mars. After break, we found out that scientists can work out the age of a shark by measuring the length. We investigated whether this was the case with humans by measuring each other and comparing our ages on a graph. We have found out that you cannot work out the age of a human by looking at their height. 

Our class sentence stack



Drumming - 08.03.22

Today was our last drumming lesson with Nikki. We performed a song as a group and we looked at the creating the pulse and the rhythm. We have really enjoyed our drumming work and we don’t want it to end. Have a look at the video below to see our wonderful performance.

4V performance

Still image for this video

Learning Journey - 07.03.22

Our learning Journey lessons are Geography based and we will be looking at Île-de-France. Today, we have been using the iPads to locate the different departments in Île-de-France using Google maps. We really enjoyed this work but we found it a little tricky.

Writing - Week 1-3

Our writing lessons this half term are going to be focusing on a wishing tale based on the book Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf written by David Almond. We are excited to start the unit.

Spring 1

Magical Middle - 31.01.22

Today, we made some Anglo-Saxon spice cakes. We had to weigh our ingredients and mix them all together. Miss Vickers asked the kitchen to cook them for us and we ate them as an afternoon treat. Some of us really enjoyed eating them but we all loved making them. We have asked for the recipe to be put on here so we can make them at home. 

Science - 25.01.22

Because we have been looking at the human digestive system, we had a practical lesson where we explored what happens to the food as it moves around our bodies. We were given a banana and a wheatabix which we crushed in a plastic cup. This acted as our mouth. We mixed it with water to represent the saliva. Then, we poured it into a paper tube for our oesophagus. It landed in a plastic food bag (representing our stomach) where we mixed it with orange juice and crushed it until it was a smooth mixture. This was then poured into our intestine (we used some tights) and we had to squeeze all of the liquid out to represent the nutrients and water entering our bloodstream. Finally, we cut a hole in the tights and the food mixture came out as waste.

Drumming - 25.01.22

Nikki thought us some new musical vocabulary today that we have tried to use when we were drumming. We found out that piano means quiet, forte means loud and crescendo is when we get louder. We then played a rhythm game to help us with our lesson. We then learned two news ways to play the djembe drum and practised them with Nikki. 

Watch us play the Djembe drum

Still image for this video

Science - 18.01.22

Our lesson today was all about the digestive system. We watched the video below and we labelled the different parts of our body that made up the digestive system. We were amazed by what our body can do and we were shocked by what happens to the waste. Ask us about it!

Sensational Starter - 14.01.22

Today we had a visit from Leigh who delivered an Anglo-Saxon workshop. As part of out day, we looked at the different weapons and discussed how the Anglo-Saxons were able to invade Britain. Our first session was with Leigh where we looked battle tactics that were used by the Anglo-Saxons and we compared these to Roman tactics. The next session was a Witan. This is where all of the decisions were made for the village and we were deciding which option we thought as a class was best for each class in Anglo-Saxon society for different situations. We didn't do well at this as all of the classes lost points! Our final session was looking at two different Anglo-Saxon games - Nine Men's Morris and Hnefatafl. We really enjoyed playing these games even though it took a while to understand the rules.

PSHE - 12.01.22

Our theme for PSHE this half term is dreams and goals. We watched the video below to help us understand that some people have different dreams then we wrote our own dreams down. Miss Vickers helped us understand that our dreams change. She has achieved some of her own dreams and now has new ones. We can't wait to start working towards our dreams.

Drumming - 11.01.22

In the lesson today, we were looking at call and response activities. We were introduced to this activity by watching the video below. We then had a go at copying the video but using each other as the potatoes instead.  

Autumn 2

Magical Middle - 29.11.21 and 1.12.21

Because our Geography unit is looking at volcanoes and earthquakes, we have been making our very own volcanoes using a papier-mâché technique. On Monday, we made it out of card, kitchen roll and glue. On Wednesday, we painted these using green, red, black, brown and yellow paint. We are really happy with how they look.

Writing - 23.11.21

We have started a new unit of writing today which is a free verse poem. The lesson today focused on finding the shape of our poem and looking at the figurative language that we will be including in our own. We had to sort the different lines of our poem into groups and found out that we are going to be using 3 of our senses (see, hear and touch) and including personification and onomatopoeia. Miss Vickers played the personification song and the onomatopoeia song to help us remember what they are.

Thrive - 16.11.21

Our class target for this half term is I can see what is needed and what has to be practised to learn a new skill. We know that this is all about being more resilient and not giving up when we find something hard so we have decided to have a “Thrive anthem” which is Try Everything by Shakira. This week, we were learning about sewing and we practised a running stitch using needles, thread and Aida. We have enjoyed our session today and can’t wait for next week!

Maths - 16.11.21

4V maths group have been looking at shapes over the past few weeks to cover the lessons that we missed in Y3. Today we were learning about making 3D shapes so we used play dough and sticks to create our own. The sticks were the edges and the play dough was used as our vertices. We then identified the amount of faces, edges and vertices each shape had. We had a lot of fun in the lesson and want to do more like it!

Our class sentence stack


Learning Journey - 10.11.21

Today we looked at how earthquakes cause tsunamis. We watched the video below which helped us with our class explanation. Miss Vickers ended the lesson with the second video which helped us to understand how high tsunami waves have been in the past. 

Maths - 09.11.21

The learning objective in 4V’s maths lesson today was I can compare angles. We learned about acute, obtuse and right angles. We learned this song to help us remember and some of us were singing the song during our task. Click on the link below to listen to the song.

Science - 08.11.21

Our science work this half term is looking at the different states of matter (solid, liquid and gas). We were introduced to these and we used play dough to understand what the particles look like. We then discussed the properties of the different states of matter.

Sensational Starter - 01.11.21

Today we started off our new Geography unit of work which is looking at Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Our day started off by investigating the damage in our classroom as an earthquake had hit Newhall. We took photographs of the damage and we thought about how the earthquake actually happened. After playtime, we looked at the different layers of the earth and found out that it is made up of 4 different layers; the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core. We looked at tectonic plates that make form the crust and we found out that these get stuck together because they are not smooth. We found out that pressure builds up underneath the plates which jolts the plates apart, causing an earthquake. We ended our day by looking at how to keep yourself safe during an earthquake and we made some posters that we could use to inform people around us. 

Autumn 1

Black History Month

Our work for the last week of this half term is focusing on Black History and we are focusing on Mo Farah.


He is one of a five people who have managed to win gold medals 🏅  in the 5000m and 10,000m.

He became the second person in history to become a double-double Olympic champion in two events! He is an incredible runner.

18.10.21 - Our Reading lesson today looked at information about Mo Farah and we watched a video of Mo Farah competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics. We also learned about his childhood in Somalia and what his life was like when he came to the UK.


20.10.21 - Today we wrote an acrostic poem about Mo Farah. We used all of the information that we learned over the past few days. We are going to be using these as part of our art work on Friday.

22.10.21 - Today, we have been artists and made a piece of artwork that links to Mo Farah. We have used water colours to paint the track and the crowd then we coloured in a picture of Mo using pencil crayons. We then glued our Mo onto the track and attached the poem that we wrote about him on the top. 

Reading - Week 6

4V reading group have been looking at 2 Roman emperors in our lessons this week because we were looking at non-fiction texts. Our week started off by watching a video about different a Roman emperors. We found out that Claudius arrived in Britain on the back of an elephant and Hadrian forced a 90 year old man to kill himself. We said that this was really mean and he wasn’t a kind emperor at all. 

Science - 05.10.21

Our lesson today was looking at pitch. We know that this I how high or low a sound is and we learned how we can change the pitch of an instrument. We had a chance to apply our knowledge to our own instrument. We used a Tupperware tub and some elastic bands and made an instrument that had 3 different pitches. 

Magical Middle - 04.10.21

We spent the day making our own amphitheatre using cardboard. We started the day off by looking at amphitheatres around England and what they look like now. Miss Vickers then asked us to plan our amphitheatre by using a cross section design type before we made them. We also used some new tools(craft knives and glue guns) and we learned how to be safe while using them.

Learning Journey - 22.09.21

Today we looked at different things that the Romans brought to Britain after they seized control in 43AD. We worked as groups to decide which ones were the most important and ranked them using a diamond 9 pattern. 

Writing - 16.09.21

Our lesson today was an experience day. We made our own version of edible Roman roads. We followed Verbal instructions to complete each layer of the road. We enjoyed the practical side of the lesson and we were able to say what each part of the edible road represented. This lesson is going to help us write our instructions next week.

Our Class Sentence Stack (Writing)

We have changed the way that we work in our writing lessons and we split the lesson into 3 sections where we write a different sentence for our genre. For the past 2 weeks, we have been looking at instructions. Every day, Miss Vickers takes a sentence from one of our books and adds it to the working wall. We can see the shape of our writing and the lenses that we have used to help create a set of instructions. Read our set of instructions to learn how to make a Roman shield.

Maths - 14.09.21

Today we were looking at how to round numbers to the nearest 100. We used a number line where we looked at which multiple of 100 our number was closest to and we also used the rounding rule. Miss Vickers introduced us to the rounding rollercoaster which helped us remember what needs to happen to the digit in the hundreds column.

Sensational Starter - 09.09.21

Today we had a visit from a Roman Centurian and he talked about life in the Roman Army. We learned the Latin names for the different parts of his armour and we found out how the Centurian's armour is different to a normal solider. We also learned some of the battle strategies and practised fighting against the Britons (we really enjoyed this session). Another session that we had involved an archaeological dig where we looked at real artifacts and decided which ones were Roman and which ones were from other periods of history.

Reading - Week 1

Our reading group (4V) have been looking at the picture book Island by Mark Janssen. We looked at the pictures in detail and we were able to retell the story from what we learned. Before we looked at the book, we made a prediction using the front cover to help us. Then we looked at certain pictures to decide how a character was feeling and what they were thinking. On Thursday, we looked at the gist which is looking at who is in the story, what happens, when the story is set, where the story takes place and why certain things happen. We all liked the book and we thought it was a good story to start our Year 4 learning. Watch the video below for the story.