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Welcome to 5M!

This year, our class teacher is Miss Moore. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Marsh with us in the mornings!

Accelerated Reader

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Spring 2

Our class read for Spring 2.

What we will be learning in Spring 2.



Learning Journey -  Guatemala Vs the Peak District (Geography) and Living Things and their Habitats (Science).

RE - Christianity (Easter) - How significant is it for Christians to believe God intended Jesus to die?


Maths -  Continuing our work on fractions before moving onto Decimals and Percentages.

Writing - Writing to Persuade, poetry about the forest layers and fiction writing based on the 'Journey to the River Sea.'

Reading - Non-fiction texts linked to rainforests, wildlife and the environment. Extracts from 'Beetle Boy' and 'Journey to the River Sea'.

PE - OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities)

PSHE - Healthy me.

Autumn 2.

Awesome Authors!


Well done to the children who have reached the awesome authors board with some super diagrams of the water cycle and river poems! 


VR Experience.


To help us understand the sheer size and the conditions of mountains, we were lucky enough to welcome PrimeVR back for another VR experience! The children really enjoyed themselves with great answers when questioned by our visitor!

Donald the Elf!

We had a visitor in year 5! Donald the Elf spent many days getting up to no good in the year 5 classrooms and keeping an eye on who would be on the nice list!

Science - States of Matter.

This half term we have been incredibly busy in Science! Fueled by investigations, we have looked at how our shoes create friction on the ground and what that means, how air resistance works and how important it is when parachuting and becoming beach detectives! Here we looked at the best way to separate plastic and other rubbish from sand and looked at how these materials can damage our seas, wildlife and entire world!

Autumn 1.

History - Mayan Temples.


This afternoon we got crafty by making our very own Mayan temples. By following the instructions and with a bit of concentration, we had some very proud faces of what they had achieved!



For our sensational starter, in a mantle as the Newhall Archaeologists we received a mysterious box! After a little predicting, we figured out that this box had come from Guatemala, Mexico! We then opened inside to reveal an ancient Mayan calendar.


We have also learnt about Mayan society, the gods and goddesses and the sacrifices the people would make to please the Gods!


We had great fun in week 4 re-creating a Mayan temple by following a set of instructions.



In true Star Wars style, we have been exploring how 'the force is with us'. So far, we have discovered how gravity works here on earth and how this is different for astronauts in Space with zero gravity. (Watch our video below!) In week 4, we did our first class investigation looking at air resistance. We used different sized parachutes to measure how air resistance can affect the speed of the parachute falling to the ground.