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Welcome to 5S!

We are taught by Miss Swain and supported in class by Miss Guest.



Come and look at all the wonderful things we have been learning about this year!

Summer Two

Have a look at all of the fabulous work we have been doing this term.

We had a great day at Bosworth Battlefield Centre. We learnt how to use weapons in battle, we visited the Barber Surgeon - who taught us how to fix wounds on the battlefield - and we took a guided walk – where we learnt all about what happened during the Battle of Bosworth.

Spring Two

We have started this term remotely, so have a look at a mix of our in class and online learning for this term!

Our PSHE topic this term is Healthy Me. We'll be learning about the health risks of smoking, the risks of misusing alcohol, putting into practice basic first aid procedures, reflecting on our own body image, looking at our relationship with food and reflecting on how to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Our Science topic this term is Living things and their habitats. During this topic we will be learning about the life cycles of different animals and the life process of reproduction in some plants. We will also be catching up on learning missed from Year 4: using classification keys to classify living things and learning that environment changes can pose a risk to living things.

In Geography this term, our topic is What is it like to live in Guatemala? During this topic we will be comparing Guatemala to the Peak District in the UK. We will be learning about where these places are on a map, comparing the topography, vegetation and rivers of the two areas, creating artwork in the style of Henri Rousseau, learning about biomes and the climate.


In Reading this term, we have started to learn about deforestation. We created word clouds to show

what our initial thoughts about deforestation were after seeing a selection of powerful images.


Autumn Two

In Science, we started work on our new topic called Properties of Materials. We became a Beach Clean-up Team and it was our job to use different methods of separating materials to clean up the plastic pollution in our beach samples.

Autumn One

For our Sensational Starter, Newhall Archaeologists had a mysterious box delivered to school. First we had to work out where the box had come from using the clues on the outside. After working out it had come from Guatemala, we opened it up to find a Mayan calendar inside.

Wet Washcloth In Space - What Happens When You Wring It? | Video

In Science this week, we have been discussing Gravity. We discussed how Gravity is an invisible force that pulls objects toward each other. Earth's gravity is what keeps us on the ground and what makes things fall. We then started to discuss how astronauts do not really feel the effects of Gravity in Space and watched the following video. We were amazed by what we saw!

In History we have been learning about the different buildings that could be found in a Mayan city and their purpose. We learnt that a Mayan temple was used for religious ceremonies and sometimes people were even sacrificed to the gods at the top. We then used a set of instructions to build our own Mayan temples.

Why don't you try building your own Mayan temple at home?

This week in History we have learnt that Mayans told stories about their lives through their art work. We drew our own pictures to show different Mayan stories.