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Welcome to 5S!

We are taught by Miss Swain and supported in class by Mrs Brown.



Come and look at all the wonderful things we have been learning about this year!

Autumn One

For our Sensational Starter, Newhall Archaeologists had a mysterious box delivered to school. First we had to work out where the box had come from using the clues on the outside. After working out it had come from Guatemala, we opened it up to find a Mayan calendar inside.

Wet Washcloth In Space - What Happens When You Wring It? | Video

In Science this week, we have been discussing Gravity. We discussed how Gravity is an invisible force that pulls objects toward each other. Earth's gravity is what keeps us on the ground and what makes things fall. Watch the video to see how astronauts do not really feel the effects of Gravity in Space!

In Writing, we have been writing a Narrative based on The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan. To kick off this unit, we read an extract from the story where Jelly is watching a programme about the rainforest on Easter Egg Island. In order to help us to imagine what it was like to be there, we created out own forest floor and used our senses to help us come up with powerful vocabulary to describe it.