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Welcome to 5V!

We are taught by Miss Vickers and supported by Miss Harrison, along with many other adults in school.

Autumn Term

In Autumn 1, we have been very busy in school learning all about the Mayan Civilisation as part of our history learning. We looked at where they lived, their food, religion, artwork and their society. We had a chance to cook some tortillas and try making our very own guacamole.


during Autumn 2, we were looking at rivers and mountains. We looked at the water cycle, looked at how different mountains are formed and where rivers come from. We had a chance to build our own model of a river and we tried to include all of the features of a river.


Below are some pictures of the work that we have done during the Autumn term. 

Spring Term 1

The Battle of Bosworth - Sensational Starter

Today we made our own shields using wood. We used a tenon saw to cut the shape of our shield and then glued our design onto it. We really enjoyed using the tools and creating our own design. Look at the pictures below to see our hard work.

The Battle of Bosworth - Marvellous Middle

Today we had our first school trip to the battlefield in Bosworth. We had a tour around the battlefield and we learned more about the strategies that were used in the battle and then we met a Bosworth soldier. He showed us a range of weapons and explained how Rochard III was killed. Some of us were lucky enough to have a go with some of the weapons.

The Battle of Bosworth - Fantastic Finale

Today we watched a video that explained how the battle was fought and then used this to create a battle strategy with our group. We were split into 3 teams, the Lancastrians with Henry Tudor, the Yorks with King Richard III and the Stanleys with William Stanley. We then went onto the playground to re-enact the battle. This was so much fun and we even used the shields that we had made for the Sensational Starter. 

This is the video that we watched before our epic battle.

What is it like to live in Guatemala? - Sensational Starter

Today we had a "rainforest roadshow" with Dave (a visitor who came into school). He told us all about his travels to the rainforest and showed us some of his animals. We had a chance to sketch an range of insects which included butterflies, moths, tarantulas, scorpions, beetles and stick insects. After lunch, we went into Miss Swain's classroom where we were able to hold a millipede, a tarantula and a praying mantis. Dave told us a lot of facts about the animals and some of us were extremely brave! To end our day, we made tribal jewelry which we were able to take home. We have had a brilliant day and it has been a great start to our Learning Journey!

Deforestation presentations - English

In English we are looking at discussion texts and we have focused on the topic of rainforest deforestation. In the lesson today we presented our point of view to the rest of the class using research that we had carried out on Friday.