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Welcome to 6I

Welcome to our 6I page where we will keep you updated about the goings on in our classroom.  From maths to writing all the wonderful we do will be shared here.


Keep visiting for updates.

Mrs I


This wonderful short film is the next focus for our writing. I can't wait to see what the children produce.

A character made of scraps wonders though the woods until he comes across a sign that will help him discover where he belongs. Origins (2011) Animation, Family, Drama Produced at Ringling College of Art & Design ( CREDITS: Directed/Animated by Robert Showalter (, Original Score by Cody Cook (, Audio Recording by Sean Daniel.

World Maths Day - Maths really is everywhere!

An epic 3 days exploring science, computing and baking with the children of year 6.

Levers & Pulleys - We had a great time putting together the HMS Beagle using our D&T skills.

Charles Darwin - An amazing introduction to Darwin ready to write his biography.

Reading Rocks - New approach to text analysis in 6I.

The children have come back with positive attitudes to their learning and are producing some excellent work.

Trenches Descriptive Writing - Magnificent work on WW1 the vocabulary usage has been epic.

Text Exploration - Some exceptional use of our inference strategy skills - well done guys.

Multi-Digit Multiplication Strategy

This is an amazing and useful video from one of my favourite maths youtubers. We have used this video in class to support our learning of the formal method of division.

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

Inspire Workshop - Arithmetic - Thank you to our parents for joining us.

The Piano update - check out our figurative language.

Super Shared Writing - Amazing vocabulary and language content.

Super Shared Writing - Amazing vocabulary and language content. 1

The Piano

This animation is our amazing inspiration for writing over the next few weeks. Take a look.

A great start in 6I. Some of our wonderful work.

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