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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


smiley Welcome to Class 6S! smiley


We've been hard at work these first few weeks of the Autumn term and we're very excited to share our work with you.


This half-term (Autumn 1) we have been studying World War 2. We are fully immersing ourselves in this topic by incorporating it into a number of our lessons.


We have been learning about key historical figures and the timeline of WW2 in History. During reading lessons, we have explored extracts from books such as Carrie's War and Goodnight Mr Tom. In English, the children have written brilliant poems about D-Day and are now writing diary entries from the point of view of evacuees. 6S are also really enjoying our current class novel, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas.


As well as World War 2, this half-term, we have been working really hard in Maths and are studying place value and the four operations. We've been experimenting with electricity and circuits in Science. We're also learning about Sikhism in RE, citizenship in PSHE and netball and handball in PE.


A Closer Look At What We Have Been Doing 


On the first week back to school, we were lucky enough to be visited by Leigh, an expert in all things WW2.


During Leigh's visit, we were shown a fascinating range of artifacts, which included ration books, air-raid sirens, helmets and toys. As well as this, we were taught skills that were essential during the war, such as first aid and bomb disposal. We learned a great deal. Leigh taught us about the timeline of war and revealed some shocking facts and statistics.


Take a look at some pictures from the day below.

In English, the children have built their own vocabulary banks of words relating to WW2. They have then used this vocabulary, along with figurative language, to write effective climax poems.


Have a read of a selection of the poems below.

In Science we are studying electricity. The children worked collaboratively to look at drawings of circuits involving a range of components and then predict whether the circuits would work or not. They then tested this by making the circuits. 

Thank you to all the adults that could make it to our Inspire Spelling Workshop! Some great spelling games were created! Below there are a few ideas of spelling games that you can play at home.

The children gained an insight into how it felt to be an evacuee in WW2 during our evacuation morning. They made name tags, identity cards, gas mask boxes, 'packed' suitcases and then had an evacuation experience. Here are some photos of our morning. 

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