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Week 10 


Hoping you are all well this week and enjoying our new topic.  I have recieved a lovely story this week and it has been shared on the website so remember to keep sharing your work we really do love to see it.  This week we have also moved to allowing emails of one piece of work to teachers that they will feedback on again please share your work we really miss getting to see you all.


If you are looking for more activities or want to do some alternative lessons to the ones set there are a number of websites offering a virtual classroom.  These sites have a dedicated area per year group which uses videos to support the teaching and is broken down into lessons.


BBC Bitesize Daily


The Oak National Academy

Imaginary Diary of a Victorian Child Worker

Year 6 empathise with children working in Victorian Britain.

Diary of a Victorian Child

This is a quick educational about inroducing the concept of fact and opinion to 7/8 Year Olds-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.c...

What was life like at a Victorian Industrial School? | History - Victorian Villains

Suitable for teaching 11 to 16s. Using dramatic reconstruction, 13-year-old James Fleming from Perth explains the background that lead him to be sent to an I...

Why did children work? (Jobs from The Past)

In this episode, Dan and Bex find a book that transports them back to Victorian Britain! In it, they learn why children used to work. -- Fun Kids is a childr...

Around Victorian mines (Jobs from The Past)

LS Lowry, Britain at Play | Art and Design - Your Paintings

Suitable for ages 7 to 11. A statue comes to life in a magical gallery and walks into the painting 'Britain at Play' by L.S. Lowry. Subscribe for more Art an...