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Moving Forward, Aiming High!

House Team Points


Autumn term 2016 winners: Falcons.

Spring term  2017 winners: Wasps. 

Summer term 2017 winners: Hawkeyes.

Autumn term 2017 winners: Wasps

Spring term 2018 winners: Hawkeyes

Summer term 2018 winners: Thors!


Thors           14723  1st place

Hawkeyes     13791  2nd place

Falcons        12352  3rd place

Wasps          12241  4th place


School will be changing the reward system for Houseteams from September 2018

Each individual child will get their own personal record sheet of housepoints earned. For each 100 points they receive a Headteacher's certificate in assembly and can choose a lucky dip prize. 

Housepoint 'luckydip' milestones will be: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500! 


Whilst on their way to earning 100 points, they gain lovely stickers when they reach 50 points and 75 points getting to visit the Headteacher, so they are celebrated for their tirelessness!