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Amazing work

Pearl Harbour final drafts! I am very proud of my incredible writers.


My groups have continued to impress me everyday with their enthusiasm for learning - I am very proud of how hard they have been working since September. My maths group have been continuing to secure their knowledge and understanding of the four operations and applying their skills to reasoning style questions. 

My reading group have been developing their inference skills using our reading detective strategies. Where as my writing group have been working hard to write their diary entries as an evacuee. They have been using their writing checklists to include age related features across their writing.

A big HULK smash to all of the children in my groups.  

Week beginning 21.09.2020 

This week my Writing group have impressed me with their recount writing about Pearl Harbour. Check in next week as I will be sharing some with you. They have tried really hard to include relative clauses, fronted adverbials and amazing vocabulary. Well done to all of you.

In Reading we have been looking at an extract from The Silver Sword, Ian Serrallier. The children explored words in meaning and developed their own gists. They were able to make predictions using their inference skills. If your child would like to read this book, it can be found in our school library (ZPD 5.5.).

In Maths we have been working on our four operations. They have been resilient with written formal methods and did not give up! Well done to all of you. 


Week beginning 14th September 2020 
WOW! All of my groups have made an excellent start to their learning this half term. In Reading we have been looking at non-fiction texts about Pearl Harbour. These texts have supported the children with knowledge about the events that took place leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbour. In our Writing lessons we have started to look at fronted adverbial sand relative clauses within a sentence. We will be using this work to support our recount piece of writing. In Maths we have been securing our formal written method for addition and subtraction, including numbers with decimal points. All of the children have had an excellent positive, I can do attitude! HULK SMASH! ☺️