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Miss Campbell's Group


The children will soon be three weeks into their new topic about Swadlincote. We have been learning all about its Geographical location and it has been lovey to see so many of the children bringing in books about their local area. Shout out to Louisa, who shared some of her Grandads books about Swadlincote - they were very interesting to read. 
Over the past couple of weeks the children have written a poem about Swadlincote and are now going to be writing a warning tale. A warning tale where their main character will be warned not to do something. They do it and their is a consequence but hopefully a lesson learnt. 
In reading my group are working hard to secure their skills within retrieval type questions and are looking at lots of different text types and genres to widen their understanding of varying text types. 
Whereas in maths the children are continuing to work on the four operations in their daily arithmetic and then they are applying these skills to reasoning style questions. We are aiming to secure understanding of fractions and percentages over the next couple of weeks. The children are also working hard to secure the two marks for long multiplication and long division. 


Update 24.02.2020

Welcome back after half term break - I hope you all had a lovely, well deserved break. This half term the children will be looking at their local area - Swadlincote. They will be looking at the geographical aspects of Swadlincote, including its location and all that it is very popular for (mining, pottery, National Forest, steam trains/locomotives etc). 


In Reading and Mathematics children will continue to address their gaps and misconceptions. In Mathematics we will be focusing on the four operations to secure their arithmetic skills and then apply them to a given context in a reasoning style question. Whereas in Reading, the children will be continuing to secure their retrieval skills and understanding of words in context/vocabulary.


In Writing the children will begin this half term by writing a poem. After this genre the children will write a non-fiction piece of writing. Their will continue to address any grammar, spelling and punctuation gaps through their writing as well as their G.P.S lessons they receive.  

Update 30.01.20 

This week the children have started their new writing genre - newspaper articles. The children will be writing an article about Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun. In reading we have been exploring his discovery to support our writing. 

Whereas in Maths we have continued to address some arithmetic gaps in multiplication, percentages and division. In reasoning we have continued to focus on area & perimeter, angles in a given shape, angles on a straight line and about a turn. We have also looked at translation, reflection and lines of symmetry. 

My groups continue to impress me everyday! Well done to all of them and keep up the good work yes



Update 23.01.2020 

This week the children have been working tirelessly to write an adventure story about The Lost Pyramid or The Lost Temple. Their stories have been based around two archaeologists that discovered an ancient artefact, leading to an adventure to The Lost Pyramid/Temple where their character stumbled upon a trap... 


In Reading we have been learning all about Cleopatra and her death. As a group we have been talking lots about her death and what the evidence suggests. They have been used their inference skills and retrieval skills to support their ideas. The children have had to skim and scan the text carefully so that they could use the evidence given to support their impression of Cleopatra. 


In maths we have been learning how to use a protractor accurately to measure a given angle. We have also moved on to calculating missing angles in a triangle of a quadrilateral. The children have also continued to look at measurement work from last week. They can now convert units of measurement - for example cm into mm or ml into litres.  

Update 17.01.2020 

Today in maths we had a go at measuring out liquid in a variety of different ways. They explored units of measurement and they had to apply their skills to a given context. We had a lot of fun and didn’t get too wet!


Can you guess the circumference of Mr Goodman’s head in cm ? 🤔 

Egyptian writing is starting to take shape!

Update 13.01.2020 

Today in Maths we looked at the area and perimeter of shapes using the formula L x W = A and

L + L + W + W = P. The children grasped the concept well and understood how to calculate both the area and perimeter of a given shape - well done! In Reading we have started to look at a new text, which is an extract from Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll. The children began today by exploring the text and developing their GIST. In Writing the chidlren began to annotate their new WAGOLL. Over the next two weeks the children will be writing their own stories including speech. Their example WAGOLL is all about Tadeo Jones who is an archelogist who discovers a Lost Pyramid...  

Maths group off to a good start. What do we know about shapes 🤔


Welcome back to you all, I do hope you had a lovely Christmas. This half term the children will be travelling to Egypt through their Learning Journey Topic. We will be looking at the culture, the history and it’s geographical location within the world.


In English this week the children will be writing a rhyming poem all about Egypt and in Reading we will continue to look at a range of text types. 

In Mathematics my group will continue to work towards securing their skills in arithmetic and they will be using these skills to answer worded problems. In the build up to the next Mock SATs assessment week we will be aiming to cover measurement, angles, fractions and percentages. 

Once again I am very proud of the progress that my groups made last half term and I am sure they will continue to impress me over Spring Term 1. Keep checking back for examples of your child’s work and progress. 


Thank you for your continued support and a happy new year to you all. 
Miss Campbell 


Welcome back after half term! Once again my groups are showing great enthusiasm towards their learning. In English we will be writing a Poem, Letter and a debate. These will all linked to our new Year 6 Topic - We are Explorers. In Reading we will continue to explore text types some of which will be Geography based and others will be chosen for their content. 

In Mathematics the children will continue to work on addressing their arithmetic gaps. As well as an arithmetic focus we also be looking at worded problems to support the children's reasoning gaps. 

Math Antics - Multi-Digit Multiplication Pt 1

A video to support the long multiplication method.

09.10.2019 So this week my maths group have had lots of fun playing ‘mathopoly’. We used the game to explore their arithmetic gaps. This week we have also covered addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimal numbers, and today we moved on to looking at percentages. Every day my group continue to impress me with their perseverance and determination to excel at mathematics. I am very proud of them! 


My reading group have been looking at a past SATs test paper. They have had to be reading detectives , using their detective skills to collaboratively explore the text. We have been on an expedition, learnt about South America and used drama to make the text come to life! They are continuing to develop their reading skills each week and I am very proud of them! 


Over the past two weeks my writing group have been writing and editing their evacuation diary entries. They have all written a well detailed diary entry, using emotive language and age related features. They are keen to get started on their next genre of writing, which is going to be a descriptive paragraph on Pearl Harbour. Well done to my writing group, I am very proud of them. 

Evacuation diary entries

Excellent collaboration within my reading group today.

Persevering in Maths today! Working hard on their arithmetic 👍

My writers have been working hard throughout the week to create their own Normandy Countdown poem. Have a read of a few, they are amazing! I am a very proud teacher 👩‍🏫

Each day a child from my groups are chosen as they 'smashed' their work from the previous day! I wonder who will be crowned next Hulk Smash Winner ...