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Week beginning 23rd November 2020 

This week we are looking at the poem 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe. The raven is a long poem about a man who is grieving for his lost love, Lenore. He is distracted from his reading by a tapping at his bedroom door. He thinks at first that it is a visitor, then he thinks it is the wind, then eventually, he opens the shutters and a raven flies in. This raven can say one word – ‘Nevermore.’ 

The Simpsons - Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven

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Week beginning 16th November 2020 

This week the children will be looking at another act from the playscript of Matilda. They will be using their acting skills to perform, using musical instruments. They will be focusing on the actors behaviours and stage directions. They are really enjoying the playscripts!

Matilda (Telly)

Showdown 2019

Matilda Musical Bruce Final Broadway Performance (1.01.17)

This week the children have been looking at play scripts. We have been looking at the characters behaviours and we used this video to support our opinions.

Take a look at some of our extracts we have been reading.