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Spring Term 2

In Geography this term, our topic is What is it like to live in Guatemala? During this topic we will be comparing Guatemala to the Peak District in the UK. We will be learning about where these places are on a map, comparing the topography, vegetation and rivers of the two areas, creating artwork in the style of Henri Rousseau, learning about biomes and the climate.


Our Science topic this term is Living things and their habitats. During this topic we will be learning about the life cycles of different animals and the life process of reproduction in some plants. We will also be catching up on learning missed from Year 4: using classification keys to classify living things and learning that environment changes can pose a risk to living things.

Our PSHE topic this term is Healthy Me. We'll be learning about the health risks of smoking, the risks of misusing alcohol, putting into practice basic first aid procedures, reflecting on our own body image, looking at our relationship with food and reflecting on how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Spring Term 1

In Reading we have focussed on Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo, The Stone People, learnt all about the Christmas Truce and have read some war poetry. 

In writing this term we have looked at the story of War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. We have really worked hard to improve out vocabulary.

In History this term, we have been learning all about WW1. We have learnt about the causes of the war, which countries were involved, life in the trenches and we have learnt all about the life of Marie Curie. We ended the term by creating WW1 themed pictures and crafts. Check out some of our amazing work below.

Our RE topic for this term has been 'Are Sikh stories still important today?' During this topic we learnt about Guru Amar Das Ji who pushed for gender equality in Sikhism. We then created our own posters about this.


We also created a cover for an anthology of Sikh stories that we have learnt about this term.

In PSHE this term we have discussed our dreams and goals for the future. We made dream spirals to show these. We also discussed Children's Mental Health Week and created our own silhouette art to show the different ways that we express ourselves. 

The children who are are school have been working hard to create some beautiful art work. Have a look at what they have made so far below.