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Moving Forward, Aiming High!

Week 4 (25.01.2021 - 29.01.2021

This week in writing, we are beginning our new non-fiction unit of work: newspaper reports. We have started the unit by looking at how newspapers are designed to look appealing and interesting to their readers. The children took on the role of journalists and were asked to invent their own headlines and captions! We then looked at a variety of pictures and used our inference skills to infer just what is happening in the picture, before providing evidence from the image. 


The results were pretty excellent - and made us laugh too!


We then looked at our WAGOLL text, which is based on the Ancient Mayan civilisation. We recognised different features of newspapers before thinking about the ultimate discovery (or yet to be discovered!) from Ancient Egypt. We have applied our knowledge of newspaper reports to different newspapers and will, later in the week, research perhaps the most famous archaeological discovery of all time. 



We asked the children to draw or create the most amazing discovery from Ancient Egypt that they could imagine! Take a look at their treasure...
In Maths, we are learning about Algebra. We are going to be looking at finding rules, formulae, substitution, as well as writing and solving expressions and equations. Take a look at the fantastic work we have done so far!
In P.S.H.E the children were asked to write a poem about 'My dream for the world'. They were tasked with writing about global issues such as disability, illness and natural disasters. Check out some of the amazing poems below.
In Science, we have been exploring refraction. We conducted an investigation into refraction. Take a look at our findings below.

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