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Moving Forward, Aiming High!

Week 5 (01.02.2021 - 05.02.2021)

In Maths, we have moved on to our Geometry: Properties of Shapes unit. We will be looking at angles on a straight line, around a point and vertically opposite, as well as angles in triangles, quadrilaterals and regular polygons. We will then move on to look at nets and circles in more detail. Take a look below at the fantastic remote learning we have been doing so far.
In Reading this week, we are exploring an extract from a fiction text titled Leila and the City of the Cat Goddess. After being introduced to the text, the children were asked to re-create the scene using the descriptions in the text. They also predicted what would happen next. 
This week in writing, we will be writing our newspaper reports on Howard Carter's astonishing discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. We started the week off by looking at how to use semi-colons and colons, before creating a plan for our newspaper. There are some super examples below of the children's work. 
In History, we have been exploring Canopic jars. We looked at how the ancient Egyptians used them in the mummification process. During the week, we produced our own Canopic jars. We started with writing our design brief before moving on to creating our Canopic jars and evaluating them against the design brief. Take a look at what we produced.
In science, we looked at the human eye. We carried out an 'explore' task, by examining how the pupil and iris look when exposed to light source, and then comparing this to when there is not much light in a room. The children were asked the sketch the eyes and label the parts of the eye. We then looked at the various parts of the eye and considered their function.