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Moving Forward, Aiming High!

Week 7 (22.02.2021- 26.02.2021)

Welcome back! We hope you are all well-rested, safe and healthy.


This week in writing, we will be looking at poetry. How do poets paint a picture of what is happening in their poem in the reader's mind? How do they use imagery? How do they use figurative language? We explored a range of different poems to try to work this out. We have also looked at different types of noun and different word classes - can the children identify an adjective? A noun? A verb?


Our WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) poem is called The Hawk. See if you can spot any similes or metaphors in the poem! We will then carefully consider which animal we will write our poems about - what characteristics does this animal have? How do people feel when they see it? How can we describe this animal?


Thrive is focusing on our social and emotional well-being and it can help us think of ways to overcome difficulties we may face in the future. The children have been asked to complete the 'My Local Area Map' based on their feelings at certain points in their local area. Take a look at some of the feelings they shared. 

This week in reading, we are looking at a biography called 'The Life and Work of Charles Darwin.' After reading the text for the first time, the children were asked to write a short diary entry as Charles Darwin, explaining how they felt before embarking on a 5 year around the world research trip on the HMS Beagle.
This half-term in P.S.H.E we are looking at what makes a 'healthy me'. For the first lesson, we focused on a healthy and balanced diet. The children were asked to use a traffic light system to decide something they would begin to do regarding their diet, something they would continue and something they would stop.
In Maths, we have started our Statistics unit. In this unit we will be looking at reading, interpreting and drawing line graphs and pie charts, as well as looking at the average mean and parts of a circle. Take a look at the amazing remote learning we are producing for this unit.

Art. This week the children were asked to create a colour wheel.