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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


At Newhall Community Junior School, we use our units of work in Geography to interest pupils and encourage curiosity about their own locality and the wider world as well as their place in it. The teaching of Geography will enable children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferable to other subject areas and through this deepen their understanding of different areas and environments around the world. We strive to inspire children to be curious about the world they live in and to clearly understand the impact it has on their lives and how they in turn can have an impact on it. We aim to interest them in the world’s more diverse places and question how this differs from the place they are familiar with. They should understand the role of physical and human processes in shaping the world. The knowledge and skills we are teaching will be progressive throughout the children’s time at our school.   

We use the Rising Stars scheme to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum and fieldwork is embedded into everything we teach to give the children a real life application of the things they are learning. We begin every unit by revisiting prior learning and then encourage children to ask questions and and communicate what they are learning using the correct geographical vocabulary. 

All lessons are planned in a way to challenge our greater depth learners and to support learners who need the curriculum to be adapted in line with our inclusion policy.


Fieldwork Opportunities

At our school we know how important it is to apply our geography skills in the world around us. This might involve working in the school grounds, in our local area or jumping on a coach and going further. 

Below are some of the activities we have completed.