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STEM competition - Design a Moon Football Kit!

Astronomy Photography and Video Competition February 2022

The Science ‘Wonderdome’ Experience, October 2021

Thanks to our work with the Ogden Trust Partnership, we have been able to provide all children with an unforgettable experience at school. Each class will be able to spend time in the Wonderdome, learning about different aspects of space. Some children have been learning all about the International Space Station (which has been in orbit for more than 22 years now!), some have been finding out about Earth’s plan to begin colonising the moon (a few children have volunteered to go), some have been experiencing what it would be like to journey through our solar system (much quieter than the queue to enter the dome!), and all children have been having a fantastic, heart-pounding experience.

Wonderdome Feedback

Parker, Y3 - "I love space and I know all about black holes. That was the best day!" smiley

Gracie, Y3 - "It felt like I was in space in real-life. When I first went in I was really excited, then it just stayed being exciting." cheeky

George, Y4 - It was really cool. I learned that in ten years time there might be bases on the moon and we could go to Mars!" cool

Julia, Y4 - "It looked like we were actually in space. It was awesome!" surprise

Marley, Y5 - "It was like witnessing a universe of learning." yes

Paige, Y5 - "I liked the feeling of the pictures surrounding us, and it felt like we were moving." wink

Lewis, Y6 - "It was a different way of learning. A once in a lifetime opportunity!" smiley

Imogen, Y6 - "It was very memorable. I would say ten stars out of ten." heart


Thank you to The Ogden Trust Partnership and to @wonderdome1 for organising such an amazing and memorable day.

'Photographing Physics' Competition - Spring 2021

With our return to school on 8th March and the Covid restrictions that are still in place, 'Science Week' is going to have to look slightly different this year. Although, following on from the success and engagement with the Family Marble Run Challenge we are again working with the Ogden Trust Science team to launch our next event.


The focus this time will be on Physics. You may not be able to explain what Physics is or even what it is all about, but you probably know a lot more about Physics than you first thought! Watch the video below or talk to someone at home about what Physics could be and that may get you thinking about an idea for your competition entry.


Please make sure that you read through the competition rules on this page before you start to take your pictures, as they are very strict!

What is Physics?

What is Physics? Explained using animations and illustration Video. You probably know a lot more about Physics than you think!

'Photographing Physics' Entry Rules

How To Take Amazing Photos: 7 Simple & Powerful Photography Tips

You have probably seen some amazing photos around the web. Maybe you tried to do the same and failed? Well, I'm here to help with 7 Simple & Powerful Photography Tips.

Photographing Physics Entries.

Winner - Dylan, Y3

Winner - Henry, Y4

The Family Marble Madness Challenge - Autumn 2020

As part of the Ogden Schools Partnership programme, families were invited to take part in creating a timed marble run. Three winners were chosen from each school, which was incredibly difficult, as we had so many amazing entries! A winner was chosen based on the criteria of accuracy, ingenuity and design.

Design Winner - Harry Y4

Still image for this video

Ingenuity Winner - Eddie Y5

Still image for this video

Accuracy Winner - Ariah Y3

Still image for this video

Science at Newhall Community Junior School


At Newhall we aim to deliver an engaging, practical and stimulating science curriculum which excites our children and encourages them to make links through the wider curriculum. We achieve this through high quality teaching and promoting a sense of curiosity through exploration, questioning and thinking about the world around them. Our focus is on : comparative/fair testing, research, observation over time, pattern-seeking and identifying, grouping and classifying. These are represented with key symbols within our school. 


Below are our core science principles which were written by both our staff and children and underpin our science curriculum. 

Ogden Trust School Partnership