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THRIVE - Well-being

What is THRIVE?


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At N.C.J.S all children are developmentally screened, by their class teacher, focusing on their chronological development age.  This tool enables the class teacher to plan and deliver class-based Thrive sessions. This is 'Right Time' support. 'Play' is one of the key tools of support used within Thrive sessions. 


Some children in school may require 'reparative' support. Parents are fully involved in this process. This support focusses on prior developmental stages and is led by a fully-licensed Thrive Practitioner. We have 4 licensed practitioners. 


Occasionally, 'reparative' support for children may require a screen for 'behavioural traits'. Again parents are fully involved in this process and support is provided by a fully-licensed Thrive Practitioner. Practitioners support a child to 'shine a light on behaviour'. 


For more information please contact a member of the Pastoral Team:


Mr James Goodman- Headteacher-

Mrs Debbie Wardle- DSL-


Want to know more... our Thrive Practitioners are contactable by telephone : 01283 217472. They are:


Mrs Lisa George- lead practitioner

Mrs Debbie Wardle

Mrs Lauren Watson