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Moving Forward, Aiming High!


At Newhall Community Junior School, we treat the teaching of History as a way to help children understand and learn about the past. We use the Rising Stars Curriculum scheme. Pupils should gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain's history, their locality and the wider world. We aim to provide appropriate challenges for all pupils across school. We use key questions to develop the use of historical enquiry. We also aim to develop  the acquisition and application of key subject knowledge, concepts and vocabulary throughout. 


We encourage and guide our children to make links between topics taught across school. Where possible, we aim to build on prior knowledge and teach history in a cross-curricular manner. We seek opportunities to maintain progress within History - this could be through the appropriate texts in reading or during assembly time, to introduce Black History Month or reflect on the importance of religious festivals. 


Across school, our British units of History follow a chronological approach to support pupils in developing a clear long-term narrative. 


Local History units are taught in the summer to facilitate the introduction of fieldwork. The units become more challenging over the scheme as the pupils engage with a broader range and more complex sources of information. 


Some units are taught in Years 5 and 6, due to their more challenging content, for example our migration and refugee unit in Year 5. Additionally, we provide opportunities for investigating more complex themes (such as government and democracy in the Ancient Greeks unit). 


Year 5 Anglo Saxon Day

Year 5 began their history learning this year with a visit from Historic Workshops team! Year 5 met an Anglo Saxon soldier and investigated the weaponry used by Anglo Saxon soldiers. We had a fabulous day! 

Year 4 Roman Day

We were lucky enough to have Historic Workshops visit Year 4 for the start of their Roman learning! Year 4 met a Roman soldier, who was dressed to impress! The children carried out a re-enactment of a battle and discussed the advantages of the Roman Tortoise - a nearly impenetrable wall of shields! The children discussed the Roman hierarchy and discussed how different people had different levels of power in the Roman Empire. Year 4 also played different games that were popular thousands of years ago. A great day was had by all!