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Moving Forward, Aiming High!

Year 4

Meet the team


This year our year four team is made up of Mr Briggs, Miss Morgan, Miss Vickers and Miss Rushton. We are always happy to hear from parents about their child's learning and we are always here to help. 

Autumn 1


This term our learning journey will focus on the following:

-What did the Romans do for us?

-What is sound?

-What is the purpose and value of a sacred place?

-Being me in my world

- E-Safety


We will be diving into our learning journey with a sensational starter where we will investigate ancient Roman life and explore a range of artefacts.  Our topic will then look at Roman Britain and how the Romans affected our lives here.  For our magical middle we will be taking part in a Romans workshop with a history expert.  We are going to then top off all our amazing learning by making a documentary all about what the Romans did for us.


Keep checking back for photos of our learning.