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Moving Forward, Aiming High!

Year 4

Meet the team


This year our year four team is made up of Mr Briggs, Miss Vickers and Miss Rushton. We are always happy to hear from parents about their child's learning and we are always here to help. 


                                Mr Briggs              Miss Vickers            Miss Rushton    

Summer 1 

We have so many exciting things planned for Summer 1 back in school. Keep an eye out here to see what we get up to. Our learning Journey will be based on Jasper Johns and tolerance, within this unit we will be creating our own art work. 


Year 4 were lucky enough to meet Jenny McLachlan who is the author or Land of Roar, our class book. We had an amazing afternoon where we designed our own characters, wrote out own spells, found out what characters we were, asked lots of questions and found out the secrets of the book. 

RE workshop

Today we had a special visitor, Eve, who came to teach us all about what it means to be Jewish. We had lots of fun learning about the Torah, trying on some of the special clothes and tasting some bread and wine (grape juice).

Look at the amazing work we are creating while doing remote learning!

Spring 2 Remote Learning

Draw with Rob - Mermaid or Astronaut



Over the next two weeks, we are going to be writing 2 non-chronological reports. We are going to be writing one about the Vikings as a whole year group and we will be moving onto writing our own non-chronological report about the Anglo-Saxons.


Have a look at the non-chronological report that we have produced as a year group.

Spring 1 Remote Learning


For our last writing unit of the Spring 1 term, we worked on our persuasive letter writing skills. At the end of the unit, some children chose put all of their work from our sentence stacking lessons together to showcase what they can do. Have a read of these amazing letters:


During one of our Reading lessons at home, we learnt lots of facts about the famous author Roald Dahl. Look at our amazing facts that we presented in our own chosen way!

Science Experiment

As part of our Science unit this half term, we carried out an experiment to see which drinks cause the most damage to our teeth. We carried these experiments out at home as part of our remote learning. Look at all the fun we had!! Our results were very interesting!!

Anglo-Saxon Cooking

This week we were given an extra assignment where we could follow an Anglo-Saxon recipe to make oat cakes. They turned out to be really easy to make and very yummy. Have a look at some of our pictures below.


We spent last week in Reading learning about the discovery of an Anglo-Saxon ship in Sutton Hoo. Here are some examples of the fact files we created. 


For the past 2 weeks, Year 4 have been writing their own versions of the story of Beowulf. We are now becoming much more confident at writing in this way. Look at the fantastic work that we produced together...

Learning Journey - The Vikings

Due to the lockdown when we were in Year 3, we have moved onto learning about the Vikings. We have learned that they are linked with the Anglo-Saxons because they tried to invade England a lot of times whilst the Anglo-Saxons ruled the country. We started this mini unit of work by looking at putting events in chronological order and researching information for key questions.

Vikings timeline and research


This half term we are learning about why and how Jewish people celebrate Passover. This week we have been learning about the Seder, a special meal eaten on the first two nights of Passover. Lots of the children have had a go at making their own matzah (a type of unleavened flatbread).


We have been reading a chapter from Anglo-Saxon boy as part of our Reading lessons. One of our activities was to use our inference skills to think about what Magnus' home looked like. We did this by using parts of the text that describe the setting and from this we had a go at drawing parts. 

Learning Journey - Anglo-Saxons

We are currently learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Scots for Learning Journey this half term. We've learned about the invasions, why they invaded, the 7 kingdoms, the meanings of place names, how they used runes to read and write, what it was like in an Anglo-Saxon village and how the Anglo-Saxon era ended due to the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Our work from the village life lesson


Look at our amazing musical instruments we made at home. 


Still image for this video

My Movie

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Writing - #EnglishwithMrsC

This half term we started a new lockdown writing project. The children in year 4 have been trying out some online lessons with "Mrs C", an English teacher and education consultant.


We had planned to start teaching writing lessons in school using this method in the Spring half term and we didn't want to let this lockdown get in our way so we decided to join in with these online lessons. We have been so impressed with the writing produced by the children that we just had to share it with you all. Each day we take some of the best sentences from different children and “stack” them together to create a shared piece of writing, written by the children themselves.

Here it is - our finished story...

Draw with Rob

Please have a look at the artwork that Year 4 have produced throughout lockdown. Our teachers are really impressed with the work that we have done.

Kenning Poems

During our first week of remote learning we have been learning about kennings. On Friday the children decided how they would like to publish their poems. Some chose to type them, some to hand write and illustrate, and others even recorded a video of them performing their writing. I think you’ll agree that the results are fantastic!

Can you guess what it is?

Still image for this video

How about this one?

Still image for this video

Where has our Elf been this week?

Check our class pages to see what they get up to. Remember, they are always watching!


We have spent the last few weeks writing a story about a naughty elf called Jingle.
He meets a girl called Layla and they get up to no good!
They should have listened to mom’s warning. 

Look at our amazing Christmas calendars 🎄

🎄 Christmas Craft 🎄

Autumn 2


Welcome back to school after October half term. We are looking forward to the fun activities that we already have planned!


This half term our Learning Journey will include:

  • Geography - How deadly are natural disasters?
  • Science - What are the states of matter?
  • RE - What is the most significant part of the Nativity story for Christians?
  • PSHE - Celebrating differences


Keep checking back on our class pages to see what we get up to for the next few weeks.

🌊Natural Disasters🌊

We looked at natural disasters as part of our Learning Journey. We used an experiment to model how the energy travels through waves to cause a tsunami. 


Maths- 1.12.20


Today, we looked at measuring the perimeter of shapes. We now know that the perimeter is the length all the way around a closed shape. We used our rules to measure items around the classroom. 

Making our own Volcano - 30.11.20

We used papier-mâché to create our own volcanoes then we spent the afternoon painting them. Look at how amazing they came out!!

Look on Twitter to see who our Positive People are this week!! @NewhallJuniors

African Drumming

4B have started their African drumming lessons.

Keep a look out to see what we get up to.

Look at our AMAZING writing...

Look at the amazing working walls we create in our classrooms with our classes.