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Safeguarding Statement


It is everyone’s duty to safeguard all pupils within Newhall Community Junior School. If anyone has a concern they are to REPORT IT immediately to a Designated Safeguarding Lead. This school promotes a safe and inviting environment. To achieve this the curriculum informs pupils and explores issues through appropriately pitched lessons. The school behaviour policy promotes equality and positivity between pupils and adults throughout school. It is important that our pupils’ lead on safety for example: promoting online safety and anti-bullying. Our school provides a variety of Early Help (EHO) for pupils and their family. We have developed a tailored EHO Cluster and work as a group in conjunction with our main feeder schools: Newhall Infant School and The William Allitt School.   



Keeping Children Safe in Education- from 1st September 2023

Lockdown Procedure

At Newhall Community Junior School, we have a Lockdown Procedure in place which will be used in response to any external or internal incident which has the potential to pose a threat to the safety of staff and pupils in the school. The main aim of this procedure is to ensure that staff and pupils are secure and in a safe location relevant to the threat that has activated the procedure, and that they remain in this location until the threat has been dealt with.

A lockdown drill will be undertaken at least once a year to ensure that all staff, pupils and volunteers are familiar with actions to be taken under the Lockdown Procedure.

Should a situation arise where the Lockdown Procedure needs to be activated at the school, parents and carers will be notified as soon as possible via the school's texting service. The school will continue to keep parents and carers updated during the incident, via text and the school website, so that they do not need to contact the school as this will tie up telephone lines. Parents and carers should not come to the school during a Lockdown, as they will not be admitted to the premises and pupils will not be released during a Lockdown. This is to ensure the safety of everyone concerned. Once a Lockdown is ended, parents and carers will be informed by the school's texting service.


The NCA’s CEOP Command is here to help children and young people. We are here to help if you are a young person and you or your friend (up to age 18) has been forced or tricked into taking part in sexual activity with anyone online, or in the real world. We also have advice and links to support for other online problems young people might face, such as cyberbullying and hacking. Visit our Safety Centre for advice and to report directly to CEOP, by clicking on the Click CEOP button.

Look at who can help, if you are worried or concerned .



At NCJS, we have a designated Anti-Bullying Officer. This is Mrs Weaver (Acting Headteacher). Mr Mark Long (Governor) is our designated Governor for anti-bullying. 


To ensure all pupils are supported, we use THE STOP Campaign: Preventing and tackling bullying in Derbyshire. Our latest policy has been written in consultation with parents and pupils. There is a child-friendly version for all our pupils.  


If you have any concerns...



Anti-Bullying Officer in school is Mrs Weaver