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Year 6

Meet the Year 6 Team 

This year our Year 6 team is made up of Miss Campbell, Mr Lander, Mr Wibberley, Miss Simons, Miss Smith and Miss Ruck. We are happy to hear from you about your child’s learning and we are always happy to help.

Well done to all of Year 6! You are all doing such a fantastic job with your home learning, keep it up! Miss Campbell


Spring Term 1 


This half term in Maths we shall be continuing to explore arithmetic concepts as well as exploring algebra, measurement and statistics. In Writing we shall be producing a poem, a newspaper report and a losing and finding tale. In Reading we shall be exploring a variety of poems, fiction and non-fiction texts. In learning Journey we shall be looking at Ancient History in our 'What is the Gift of the Nile?' topic and Light in Science.

Elf in Year 6 ...

Autumn Term 2 

The focus this half-term is We Are Geographers! This half-term in Maths, we shall be exploring fractions, decimals and percentages. In Writing, we shall be producing a poem, a letter and a defeating a monster tale. In Reading, we shall be exploring a variety of poems, fiction and non-fiction texts. We are very excited to see what wonderful work Year 6 will produce this half-term. 

Thursday 15th October 2020. Year 6 using their design and technology skills to create their own Anderson Shelters. They look amazing!

Year 6 have had a fun afternoon measuring out WW2 rations. They were surprised about how few sweets children were rationed!

WW2 Marvellous Middle. A huge thank you to all of the Year 6 children for their amazing efforts today!

The Year 6 teachers and your children are currently reading this in school...

Autumn Term 1 

This half term Year 6 will be learning all about World War 2. The children will be learning all about what it was like to be evacuated, rationing, propaganda, The Blitz, military, D-Day and much, much more. The children will be using their WW2 knowledge to support their writing across a range of genres, including poetry, setting description and a diary entry. In Reading the children will be looking at a range of text extracts to further develop their level of understanding about a given text type and apply this to a variety of question types. In mathematics the children will be looking at the Year 6 objectives as well as previous Year 5 objectives that also need to be taught. 

WW2 Sensational Starter 

7th September 2020


To start off our World War Two History topic we worked with Historic Workshop to share a wealth of knowledge all about WW2. The visitor played the role of the Chief Air Raid Warden of the Nottingham Division, and it was his job to transport the children back to the times of the Second World War! He was able to take the children back to 1933 and immersed them in interactive activities that made them feel as though they were living in war-time Britain (on the home front). The day was full of enriching and highly engaging work and the children learnt a great deal about life in World War Two.