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Spelling at Home

Spelling Shed.

At home:


Spelling Shed is mainly to be used for home learning. We have directly linked Spelling Shed with our Sir Linkalot spellings this year. Every set of spellings your child receives home will have the bundle name and set at the top. These coincide with the names of the spellings on Spelling Shed. This then allows the children to practice them through the fun games of Spelling Shed!


All Sir linkalot bundles are accessible for all children, regardless of which spelling list they are on. If you find your child knows the spellings they receive as homework and they are too easy, the children can challenge themselves by selecting a higher bundle to try!

Spelling this year - parent letter.

Sir Linkalot.

Sir Linkalot offers a fun alternative to learning spellings! Using dual coding, the words and pictures can help children memorise spellings. Along with making 'links' such as rhymes or words within words, Sir Linkalot aims to bridge the gaps of those spellings we can just never spell right!


At School:


Children have a pre-test on their upcoming spellings. This is to identify any prior knowledge of the spellings. It also involves the children so they can clearly see the spellings they still need to learn. 

They then have a dedicated spelling lesson each Friday following the pre-test where we watch, enjoy and learn the videos, paying particular attention to the spellings we got wrong in the pre-test. Children will then be sent their spellings home as homework.


The following Friday, they will then have their learnt test. Children aim to increase their score and if possible, get them all right! If children get the whole bundle correct (over two weeks) they will receive a certificate home.


At home:


We encourage the children to log on to Sir Linkalot at home and re-watch any videos when practicing at home. If they are on set two of a bundle (meaning they will have learnt the whole bundle) they can test themselves on the website to see how well they know their spellings now!



Example of Sir Linkalot Video.

Still image for this video