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Visions and Values

Our School Intent

Our School Intent  1

Our Aims & Values - Preparing children for life in modern day Britain


 Our key aims and values are:

  •  To ensure that the pupil is at the centre of each and every decision made.
  •  To prepare children, intellectually, socially and morally for life in modern day Britain
  •  Each and every child deserves the highest quality of care and education.
  •  To ensure that learning is consistently challenging, relevant and inspiring, allowing pupils to  discover, explore and shape their abilities.
  •  To ensure that the school is positive in its approaches, striving to instill self confidence through  rewarding achievements, both big and small.
  •  All school staff acknowledge that ever improving skills, dedication and commitment to their role  are key to raising standards.
  •  Those working with children are accountable for their outcomes at all levels.
  •  All those working within the school have only the highest expectations of themselves, those they  work with and serve.
  •  All school staff are committed to addressing the individual needs of the pupils, regardless of  circumstance.
  •  All parties involved in the school seek to create solutions and not problems; they do not look for  flaws, but improvements.
  •  Parents and pupils have a ‘voice’ within the school; their opinions are highly valued  and where appropriate act as a foundation for change.
  •  All those working and learning in school have the right to be respected, feel valued and work  within a safe environment.