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House Points


School's reward system for House Points from September 2022


Each individual child will earn House Points through Class Dojo. All staff throughout school will be able to award House Points to any child, not just their class teachers.


Points can be awarded for excellent work, showing good manners, making an extra effort, looking after a friend, helping to tidy-up equipment, being an excellent role model... Almost anything that shows us you are making the effort to be a 'Positive Person'.


Class teachers will give out certificates for every 100 House Points that children receive.

House Point Milestones

Once children reach the 'Milestones' of 250, 500 and 750, they will need to go and see Mr Goodman, so that they can receive their special certificate and pin badge.


Bronze badge for 250, Silver for 500 and Gold for 750.


We won't reset dojo points each year, with the idea that children gradually collect their award badges as they move through school.


Maybe you will be the first in your class to achieve your Bronze badge. Maybe you will be the first child in school to reach 750 House Points and claim your Gold badge. We will have to wait and see.