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Insurance Claims against Newhall Community Junior School

Information for Claimant’s Legal Representatives
The Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury (Employer’s Liability and Public Liability) Claims will apply to the majority of compensation claims with a value of £25,000.00 or less in relation to accidents occurring on or after 31 July 2013.
The Protocol requires the Claimant to make a reasonable attempt to identify the relevant insurance company. 
Taking this into consideration, Derbyshire County Council volunteers that since 2014 it has had the benefit of Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance with QBE via Risk Management Partners, however all such claims are currently handled by appointed Loss Adjusters on the Council’s behalf.
This school is part of Derbyshire County Council and is included in these insurance arrangements.
Appropriate arrangements have been undertaken to ensure the Council is registered and clearly visible on the Portal operated by Claims Portal Ltd as a Compensator.
Therefore all Claims Notification Forms (CNF) relating to Newhall Community Junior School should be directed to Derbyshire County Council via the Claims Portal, where Derbyshire County Council is clearly identifiable.  All claims notified will be automatically directed to the Council’s Loss Adjusters to administer.
The Council therefore expects claims captured by the Protocol to be properly directed through the Portal from 31 July 2013 onwards. Should any claims (CNFs) be notified to the contrary, the Council will take issue in terms of any costs payable and subsequently claimed in excess of those payable for portal claims (in the event liability is conceded in full following investigation) and will produce this published notice to the Court.
For the avoidance of doubt, in respect of any claims arising for incidents that occurred on or prior to 30 July 2013, claims should be directed in writing via a formal Letter of Claim to the Legal Department, Derbyshire County Council, County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG.